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    Help Request Delete my last thread

    I created a new thread in Requests forum but nobody no reads :(
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    Hi there :3

    Hi there! The forum is welcomes you! That was nice intro! You feel 3-4years old? That's very cool! Are you sad and depreasion? I give a little advice: Try be happy, wear little girl clothes And don't worry once you learn how to control your little /sissy side. Have fun :)
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    Help Request Delete my last thread

    Thank you very much this information, Trevor!
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    What's on your Little Christmas Wish List?

    Much candy, storybook, and coloring pages
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    Help Request Delete my last thread

    No problem :) Otherwise the thread here: Adult babies and littles.
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    Help Request Delete my last thread

    Hi dear moderators I wanna delete you my last thread because too bored. Thanks :) Toyfun
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    Long time no see :3

    Hi LilRyga, welcome back!
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    i found the perfect diaper for me

    Wow, nice diaper, i like this picture.
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    I meeting my Toddler sister

    I glad, you like this story. Yes i plan a continue the story. Yes i write Jill and me relationship. This is imaginary story but i hope likes the peoples.
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    I meeting my Toddler sister

    I write the imaginary story. So this is my first story, and errors may be in this text. And i know, this story is short. Not the best, but i try writes good. I hope you like this. Read and enjoy (I beseech you, not share this story on community pages.) I meeting my Toddler sister As you know...
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    Yes, this is the true ease which YOU ARE will be good feeling a little bit. I rarely wear diaper, (maybe 2x a one week) but i know this feel. The relief (when you wear diaper) surreal feel.
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    Confused about myself!

    Me too likes sissy things and i say this: You are not alone. Just embrace it. :)
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    little age

    I'm always will be 2 years old. That is my regression age. Personally i think Need a little age the peoples because the humans will be happy.
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    Greeting again

    Thanks :)
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    Greeting again

    I miss a few weeks, but im sorry. I learning everyday, and always not time for log in this forum. But now i have a some times checks and writes the forums. :)