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    buzzfeed quiz

    I took it three times and got furry each time...
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    What Do You Do For Work?

    I'd bet there's more money on that side of things, less liability and probably a bit more stability.
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    What Do You Do For Work?

    Aircraft electrician, hopefully going to school to upgrade to avionics tech soon.
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    3D printed pacifiers

    I checked out that link and that would work great for making them look nicer, just worry about getting all the acetone back out so it does have any residual smell.
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    3D printed pacifiers

    Actually that's pretty close, it's sandpaper.
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    A wife who is trying to understand

    I think you'd be surprised at the envy you inspire from those less fortunate than your husband. You've taken this entire subculture thing really well and even went so far as to do some research on your own and speak with others that share the interest. You're a great wife and I believe you two...
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    Greetings from Oklahoma City

    Welcome to adisc! I'm on the lower east side of the city.
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    How would AB/Dls react to Babyfur stories?

    I've read several of your stories already so I guess I get sort of disqualified. I think, if given a chance, a lot of nonfurry ab's would enjoy your stories. They're well written and have a good flow to them. A lot of online stories aren't half as good as what I've read from you. Too often they...
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    How's it going! Del city here, if you want to meet up sometime that'd be cool.
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    making my own toddler shoes

    These are cool! I was trying to think of what to do for laces, I know now! :D - - - Updated - - - I didn't see any there that look like they would fit on my foot. I think I might do a second pair though, with Velcro straps. I noticed a lot of those weren't lace ups.
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    making my own toddler shoes

    Thank you :o - - - Updated - - - I bet you would have, it's part of our nature to make and change stuff.
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    makeshift baby bottle~

    I used to have one like that and it took a while but I eventually realized that it was basically just a large, adult version of a baby bottle. But I left it on my desk one day and it disappeared, kind of hard to think someone would want to steal something like that.
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    Yay! I found a MOMMY!!! I need ideas

    I'm not sure if there's a way to upload directly to this site, but I know you can upload to another site like photobucket and use the link or img code to post it here.
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    making my own toddler shoes

    I've been searching for some halfway decent shoes for me and haven't had any luck, so I decided to make some. I got a pair of plain, all white shoes and some acrylic paint and went to work on them. My boyfriend says he remembers shoes like these being popular back in the nineties but I don't...
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    Trying to find good toddler clothing and shoes

    Does anyone know where I can find some nice toddler style clothes and shoes? I don't really like the super babyish stuff that seems to be the most popular items in the ab/dl stores. I've kind of given up on shoes, probably just dye some white velcro ones, but never know, maybe somebody has found...