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  • What's your recipe for maintaining bleached/dyed hair soft and healthy? I already use conditioner every time I wash my hair, but back when I bleached them it wasn't enough, even though the bleaching was always done by a hairstylist so supposedly the safest possible way...
    I'm open to suggestions about more fun jobs ;)
    Awwww sweet!! I'm not sure how some lovely color like the ones you use would fit my professional image but yeah, that'd be awesome ^^
    On the other hand, I remember that when I bleached my hair they suffered a lot from the process becoming all dried and weak, and considering I have chestnut hair I guess I'd need to bleach them before applying any bright color. What's your natural hair color btw?
    Now I'm curious, how many hair colors do you have? And which are they? ^^
    I shyly admit I never dared to dye my hair (although I've sometimes considered it :p), but some years ago I bleached them xD
    I may add that it's a pretty good reproduction of your profile picture (apart from the headphones) :p
    Btw, I love the red hair! (moar compliments from strangers ftw :biggrin:)
    Like your forum avatar. Love the cheeky grin your avi character has. Good job on the art.
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