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  • I think you sent me the message you meant for Quin :p

    Though I believe the one you're thinking of is Matt. He was modsetted a while back, and he just lost interested in the RP as well. Also, I think Crazyboy made a character sheet with a person named Chris on it, but never did anything. The RP is a bit mismatched at some points.
    Protip: Man, just ignore Remix. It's not canon at all. It was an experiment. It has nothing to do with the story.
    The only time Alexis reverted back into a guy was for one small arc in Aftermath. Being a sissy, and preferring my characters to be female, I don't plan on making Alexis male anytime soon. Aftermath takes a little over three weeks after the original Focus Group, so going from the nursery to Quin's place happened in between those two periods of time. The Doctor doesn't recapture us all again, and we have no plans of continuing Remix.

    Who the heck is Chris?
    Ben got bored and vanished.
    We ignored Josh too much. And he wasn't exactly following any form of plot. *shrug* He stopped coming.
    I'm going to be honest and say that I can barely understand what you just wrote. If you're asking about the Remix, then that was just a side RP that never got off the ground. It has nothing to do with the story itself. And as for the rest of it, what is it that you're asking?
    I'll actually show up in it at some point.
    I'm just reading it for the nostalgia and lulz.
    The Focus Group Remixed is an incomplete side RP that has nothing to do with the three main FG RPs. Read the originals if you wish to understand.
    FG: Descent is the third of a three part RP series called The Focus Group. If you really want to understand everything, I'd suggest reading both RPs called The Focus Group, and FG: Aftermath. It's too hard to explain in a nutshell.
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