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  • Hey Toddy it's been many years! ilovedaddy is my other account that I no longer have access to. How have you been over the years lil buddy? I'd love to get caught up. PM when available
    Hey Toddy! I hope you are doing great bro! maybe we can catch up sometime on Skype or Yahoo or KIK, etc.
    im quite alright, homeless, but im doing what i need to to get out and back on my feet.
    you got a special man in your life?
    I'm Ok, been doing my best to try and not think about how screwed up my life is right now, but besides that life's great.
    Greetings from Florida!

    hehe, I talk to a few people from this site who live over the pond and without them, I don't know where I would be right now, I've had a tough year :( Hopefully 2012 will be a lot better :). If you ever want to chat on skype or anything, just let me know, I like to talk to new people :) although I am a bit shy at first, but once people get to know me, I'm ok after that :)

    My holidays were good thanks, got loads of stuff from santa :) and considering I didn't know what I wanted, I think I did really well. I bought myself a romper too, which I love :). Worked a little bit yesterday and I'm going away for the new year so I'm looking forward to that, although not the 5am wake up call lol. How was your christmas, did you get everything you wanted?
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