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    How have you managed to get a blue name???
    Dear All, I am currently taking a break from ADISC, I have posted my reasons in a post in the Mature Topic thread. Thank you for visiting xx
    Apologies, I should had been more specific, the standoff between me and ZB is on the front porch of the house. I think the door is still open too, so you need to come in a back way or something to enter the house unnoticed.
    Awesome, what type of car is it?

    Me, not feeling so good at the moment. So yeah.. I hope I feel better soon.
    Hows it going? We haven't spoke it a while (not much at all in general), but still... Watcha been up. too?
    Rargh TKMaxx!

    Hi :) Yeah, I'm not bad, I guess. Life in limbo but I'm doing OK :)

    How're you now? Any further forward with the Police? Sounds so so unlucky to have been hit by someone like that - some dick who lies to the police! I also hope your sister is recovering OK... I don't know which I'd rather have, bruises or emotional scars... :|

    And how's things after the move? It has been a while since we talked, so I'm sure loads has happened!

    Dan x
    Hey. How you doing now? Read your other blog about something similar happening in your Mum's car - yikes! You really don't have much luck in that area... Maybe you're a curse! :tongueout:

    Any news from the Police? And have you managed to sort a car out yet? I know exactly what you mean about not having one... You end up kinda taking it for granted and then all of a sudden it's not there and pretty much everything you wanted to do has to change because you can't use the car and your legs have forgotten how to walk :( I feel naked without mine (and that is not a pretty sight!)

    Hope both you and your sister are better now - hopefully the general trauma won't last too long and you can enjoy the world of motoring again.

    Dan x
    I don't like the newer episodes of Pokemon, only the original few seasons are good. I also agree, there are way too many Pokemon if that's what you meant? I know all the Pokemon off by heart until Arceus, number 493 I believe.. don't know any more after that.

    Pichu is my favorite Pokemon! ^_^
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