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  • yeah I made a copy cat recipe of bubba gump shrimp that I had in flordia....pretty good if I say so myself!
    Sorry for getting back to you so late!

    I see a lot of potential for a great political discussion here! Would you like to get on IRC one of these nights next week and have a valid debate? :)
    I don't want to sound like a stalker but you pretty much sumed up all my interests only exceptions are I love movies and am not a huge fan of politics. I love reading too. Music is the greatest thing. Um. Love the Packers, and the Bulls.
    lol yep I was right because if you scroll over what I just typed you can see that LG is really Little Girl lol confused me for so long it's kind of annoying that I figured it out :p. I'm watching Burn Notice over for like the 8'th time I'm on the first episode again where he buys the "Hello Sweetheart" phone to use as a bug and acts like a complete Pedo in front of the phone salesgirl. Watching him also reminds me of my 4 years of Tye Kwan Doe or however it's spelled lol can't believe that after 4 years I still can't get the spelling right. I want to become closer friends with you because you seem like a really nice person. [Removed - no contact info on profiles, please]
    Ooops sorry it was actually LG and I believe it means Little Girl because it is normally Sissy/LG. I was thinking about it and that's my conclusion. Tell me if you think it's right please.
    Ha, then I must ask: who are you voting for? Sounds like we could have a good discussion about this!

    And yes, Toy Story is wonderful. Always loved Ratouille and Wall E too. Are you looking forward to Brave?
    no, its a public have a right to be there. I can only see it being a problem with it if you werent alone, parents throwing a fit. But as long as you are alone, should go fine!
    yeah, that sucks, didnt think about packages being checked. I will have to check youtube for some cartoons then! Sounds like fun, going to the park. I was at a park once when it was almost night and no one was there. Been a long time though!
    you couldnt order even a few things? Clothes are pretty easy to hide, just stuff them under some other stuff in your draw? Does youtube have alot of cartoons om there? I dont have tv right now and havent been able to watch any cartoons for awhile.
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