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  • I dont know....I dont know your mom, but mom's seem to be better than dad's....espcially for boys. I think my mom would have been ok had she found out about me....I think she might have been concerned but I dont think she'd think I was a freak
    yeah that would be pretty horrible....when you think of a hiding place, just think of the best one to can come up with, and then try to make it even better! I'm kinda paranoid so I guess maybe that's why I never got caught.
    yeah I never had any baby stuff when I lived at home bc I was too nervous....i shared a room with a nosey sister and my parents are nosey too. But before my husband knew, I put all my things in a plastic tub, put that in the back of the closet and piled a bunch of blankets and clothes on top of it so there would be no reason for anyone to ever look back there. You really gotta get creative sometimes :)
    saw your post about getting caught :0 super lucky your mom bought your story....because i know my mom wouldnt have!
    I've been pretty beat up lately from work too. Sorry i haven't responded much I've been pretty busy lately.
    Hey Tking its me Vanqua2 how have you been?
    I've got the good luck to live by myself, it helps a lot when it comes to diaper ;)

    What kind of music are you listening to ?
    hey ! How are you ?
    1st comment ? youhou :p

    Well, I'm just loafing about in my diaper. You ?
    lol well it depends on what you mean :p Ive LOVED diapers ever since I had the ability to think lol when I was like 3 or 4 diapers were like regular underwear to me, I loved the comfort, the sound they made, the smell, i found them to be so much fun, I wore pull ups until i was like 10 because of bed wetting and then I forgot about it up until I was like 15-16 when I saw a goodnites commercial and it all just came FLASHING back to me, the same thing happened when I started to smell a permenant marker (forgot the brand) and it smelled SIGNIFICANTLY like the chemical that gives diapers that chemical diaper smell lol. But if you mean in my teen/adult years, i bought my first pack of diapers (or goodnites rather) at the age of 16 :D i use to be only DL with mild AB things, but before cribs and bottles were like weird to me, but now i LOVE all that stuff lmao. i guess its a developmental thing :p
    lol I lean more towards the crib and changing table side with a cute wallpaper and floor etc :p XD
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