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  • Seems like a very busy weekend. Even though you may not be in the best of all possible situations with other people. But with a good heart, you're helping people out.

    It's a Wednesday and generally a bit stressed from uni work. And my mobile phone has been playing up for the past 2 weeks! I think I fixed it this morning at 6am, by flashing it for a third time.
    Yeah, hopefully good fortune will be on your side!
    Just came back from the Edinburgh meet, very tired and exhausted! Been up to much this weekend?
    Seems to be stretched out a lot this whole waiting process. Not nice. *hugs* But hopefully will be getting somewhere soon.
    Sounds rather scary :( hope they come back with nothing too daunting.

    Haven't seen you in IRC much, then again I have reduced the hours I am in there these days.
    I have felt better, This week I have a cold, coughing and spluttering with a sore nose and throat. Hope you are doing better!
    Sorry, I missed your last visitor message somehow. I just checked now and saw it.

    What do you mean by sexual reassignment? Surgery is not required, unless you feel it's necessary. They do actually require living as the desired gender for a while before they'll even give someone the surgery. Anyway, what I mean to say is that some people never get the surgery. Seeing as I am asexual, I don't think surgery is necessary for me.
    Don't be soo negative on yourself :p
    I was going to suggest local baby, but that's not good being creepy and clique around here :p
    I wouldn't know what that means. If you are talking about role playing games. My house mate tries to get me into that stuff. While it is a little fun. It just doesn't grab my interest.

    Also you confused me, I was like "what are you talking about". Not expecting a reply like that.
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