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  • Well, thanks for your sympathy about my birds. As far as Winnipeg goes, I don't think the team will be leaving, simply because they have filthy-rich owners who want a team in Winnipeg and will throw money to make it stay there. Still, though, let's see if, after 12 years of garbage teams with no playoff wins, Winnipeg is such a "great hockey town" after all.

    As far as my predictions for '12, I'd like to say that the Devils make it back to the playoffs, but I can't honestly say that I believe they will. They might, but I wouldn't bet on it. As far as the Stanley Cup goes, I originally said Washington, but then The Hockey News picked it, jinxing it. Thus, I'm going to go extremely off the wall and say San Jose. (Don't quote me on that when they lose in the first round again! :D) Really, though, I'd need to watch a bit more of the season to give an honest pick. What do you think?
    Well, yes, but for a reason: I was originally a Thrashers fan, and growing up, Kovalchuk and "Moose" Hedberg were my favorite players. After the team left for Winnipeg, I converted. (I also like the Bruins, though, simply because I root for all Boston teams.) How about yourself?
    aaaaaaand im back =_=
    mixed feelings, but attempts to quit failed and im into it again
    Hey guys
    i wont be on here pretty much ever
    i have all but quit the diaper scene and fetish stuff.
    im From Western Australia. :)

    random diaper question: do find it hard to find GOOD store diapers in australia? every place ive checked doesnt have much on offer.

    hey guys
    i just started yr 12 ,hsc year :(
    as such i have waaay less free time, so i probs wont be on here anywhere near as much (which, even at the moment isn't alot)
    anyway, those of you who know how to contact me outside of adisc, well...
    you know how to
    anyways, cyas and hopefully ill still be able to visit at least once a week :)
    u added me as a frend a while ago. thought i'd say Hi again. whats up??
    Hey you added me as a freind. Nice 2 meet you! whats up?
    for those that care (read, no one, lols)
    i try to log on when i can, so if you message i will reply
    but it can be a while between visits.
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