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  • Giggles, don't worry about the bad words, I'm the worst writer in the world I think. It is a huge task for me to drag thoughts out of my head and put them in print (a bit of a handicap in a place like this :eek:) something just don't work right there.

    Aww that's so nice you're watching out for your mate :smile: I'm glad you can also have some fun with him, *giggles at the paper shredding* you're a bad kitty. :laugh:
    I have a good weekend, I look after my soulmate, he is just about house-bound and I do the shopping, cleaning, making his bed, clean out the pets. (finches and chipmunks) and then make sure he has had breakfast when I arrive saturday afternoon and later on that day (and sunday) I make him an evening meal. When I get home late at night on sunday I am fairly tired. I am his Tiger cub :) we do have fun, I had a big pile paper to shread, I love to chew all that lot up, if I get bored I sometimes scratch at the doorframe or some old woodchip wallpaper and get whacked on the butt for that. ( Sorry for bad words, I have only just woken up and my brain is still asleepies)
    Sorry missed this, hehe, IRC was awesome last night, not too often the Furries get to take over anymore. Saw your VM about jogging...now i know they hate you. Too funny. :laugh:
    So happy :smile1: got a foot of snow today and still coming down. Rockin an F-350 diesel 4x4 so no shoveling for me. :biggrin:
    *Huggles the big white kittty* Maybe i'll catch you on the weekend.
    I only have one next door neighbour as such. I think they accept me and my screwball furiends. They know I am a wierdo magnet. *hugs*
    I kinda live at the edge of a little village.
    Wow a foot, didn't think you got that much in UK. OMG Fursuit inna snow, never thought of that, Your neighbors must hate you. LOL
    *pokes a big fluffy tiger an runs* :biggrin:

    Sorry I missed you in chat the other night. Hows things? :smile:
    I have lots of interests, see my profile. A perfect day for me is when I have a guest and he goes home happy and contented.
    I will have to thing about what else makes a purrfect day fur me.
    Hmmm, you have got me thinking, you know lots about me, ;) i wanna know about you ;) what do you like. hehe
    you were correct in what you said
    awww, yeah the would be cool, im a little overweight too, but i am losing wight, so for 7 pounds :p
    Now it is getting dark early in the evening, I might try jogging in fursuit. I am sure I will scare the crap out of folk taking their dogs for a walk, and hopefully the druggies that sometimes park near by. I HAD to start jogging, I was starting to get over weight 11 stone 6, (now 11 stone) and my blood pressure was up a bit.
    cool, i would never be able to jog, i hate it so much, lol im so unfit :)
    thats awesome before 1500, amazing! where i live in sure is fairly new :)
    lol, i was almost late for college this morning
    The jog went well, I only did the 2/3 of a mile this morning due to having work to do and being late. My route is down a kinda unmade road at the back of my house, all the way to the bottom of it (it then becomes a made road) and then back up the slight incline. I keep trying to increase the distance, but sometimes I lack the time to do it. I have worked out a route by kinda keep turning right untill I get back home, this is about 9/10`s of a mile.
    I live in what was a part of sherwood furrest. I wonder if Robin Hood has any gold hidden away near my home. The village near here (old spelling)( Lynby ) meaning something like trees near the brook dates from before 1500 that I know about and the church started life in the Norman times and perhaps before.
    lol, i actually did not know there was a pm section hahaha
    lol, ima silly pup i found it now though so next time your on chat i wont miss it lol
    Gurrrrrrreat, I did P.M. you on the chat yesterday, but I suppose you missed it. All is well, I am about to go for my mile jog :)
    Howls you ?
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