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  • Yea im pretty in to my child side but its like i have 2 lives, my regular college side and my all kid side
    Ok cool im more ab now that im 20 i like to act like a toddler, young child age 3-5 yrs old little boy, i have diapers, paci, sippy cup, cars, batman, and spiderman backpack along with a spiderman and card pajama set, Ji actually got the spiderman pj set today, sO excited lol
    lol i mean she cool, but i dont like this whole madonna lady gaga thing she is trying to show for
    Wayne has become real mainstream but some of his older stuff made in mid 2000s is so real...I also like Lupe Fiasco(underrated) yea best female rapper is Nikki but she becoming to mainstream now also which is kind of annoying
    I like Tupac, Biggie, Eninem, Jay-Z, Luda, Wayne(although Wayne can annoy me also) jadakiss(underrated) i got respect for all of em
    Cool eminem is one of my favorite rappers, my favorite song from him is Like Toy Soldiers, my favorite rapper ever is Tupac
    Cool, i saw on your freeting thread you are an eminem, wiz, khaled im into rap myself
    hey BabyBoyGeorgie, im TKing1391, i see you are new to adisc, how are you? Do you like it? Hope we can become friends:)
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