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  • yea I mean, I dont rely on him to do anything, if he does things, he does, if he doesnt he doesnt, and I know about anger, Ive just learned to calm down a bit, know what I mean?
    well I mean he has done good things and bad things, I agree its no excuse, its just sometimes he went overboard with things, and he gets angered easily, and no one taught him how to do certain things, he did good for us sometimes
    yea thats terrible, idk my dad, ive forgiven hom, bcz I dont think his intent was to hurt me, but i dont know if he knew how to be a dad, he didnt have one, I dont trust him, I mean if he does stuff for me today, he does, and if he doesnt, he doesn't I dont really care, but you know

    And Im sorry your mom treated like that, drugs fuckin suck:(
    I know a bit about abuse myself my friend, Ive been hit at times where I couldnt go to school, I remember one time the bruises on my chest were that ugly red,purple, and black color, kind of like an ugly burgundy car, so I can relate
    ok, Im sorry your mom didnt help you instead of hurt you.....mine is a bit different, I was intrested in pull-ups when I was potty training, dont really remember or know what I was intrested but I remember the Im a Big Kid now commercials and just being fascinated with the blue package, my grandmother also ran a daycare which surrounded me with diapers and baby stuff, when I was 9, my baby cousin was born so I would steal her diapers, when I was 12, my other cousin was born and I would steal her diapers also, when I entered my teen years my diaper and toddler life grew so Ive been back and forth with it, but at age 20, just learning to like and accept it
    Yea its all good, its not that Im even all into baby stuff, just toddler and kid stuff, but as long as u accept your diaper urges your good, i mean its just an alternative form of underwear
    Word thats a great way to look at it, I use to wonder why I like kids stuff, like i really do, kids movies, toysr us, disney store, i cant help it, i just do, i have my adult side, but I cant block out my kid side, its apart of who I am
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