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  • Hey there, hope you're enjoying your summer. By now I suppose you're in America, visiting your family (which state are you in?). How was Seychelles? They looks like some very interesting Island to visit!
    (And finally part 3!)
    Anyway, I have to agree with you that History and French are my most disliked subjects. History is interesting until you're doing one topic for 10 lessons (which becomes very repetitive), and also the xam paper is impossible (you only have 1 hour to answer 2 questions as well as write an 'essay'). As for French, well, I can understand the language fine but it's the most boring thing to make sure tenses etc. are right. It's not as bad as Greek though *shiver*.
    Oh well, enjoy your period of relaxation - after the exams I've got work experience and my final D of E expedition, so I'm busy right up until the end of term! You deserve the rest though, it's all over for you until you go on to do your Baccelarate (or however you spell it!) so make it last!
    (Part 2!)
    The main bulk of revision is over (Geography and History Paper 1) and I also finished my Music GCSE with the listening paper yesterday. The person who speaks on the CD (presenting questions etc.) has been doing it for the past 8 years of the syllabus. I swear they were auditioning for the most extreme Welsh acccent - in one question he says (insert Welsh accent here) "Here are three extracts from the world of Jaaaaaarrrrzz". The examiner who came to examine the practicals was also very Welsh - I think they want to really establish themselves as the Welsh examination board!
    Anyway, moving on, your vocational qualification for I.T must be a good thing if it's worth 4 A's at GCSE? As we're the last year to take the old syllabus, we're taught that the best portable storage media is a Floppy Disc, and that USB drives can hold up to 512mb of data! It's all really outdated stuff! The current year 9 get to do things like video and music editing!
    The Opera went brilliantly, definately the best musical thing I've ever done - I'm definately doing it again next year! Nothing compares to singing in front of an audience - it's really, really scary but amazing at the same time! Next year we're doing Pirates of Penzance which only has one Baritone role, so hopefully I'll get that part!
    The a capella choir is going really well - we have our first concert this Thursday (my forst professional experience!) and I'm really looking forward to it!
    My exams, alas, are not yet over. On Monday I have 2 Maths Modules and I.T Paper 1, and then next Monday I have I.T Paper 2 and a Chemistry and Physics module re-sit.
    Now that the exam season has started, I'm assuming you have some on at the moment? If so, I hope they're going well for you and good luck in the ones to come. If not, you're very lucky!
    Also, did you manage to repair your computer after?
    Poor you - revision is a complete bore, I know. Just try your best to get through it. And well done on being confirmed for the IB! Sorry to hear about your computer by the way, have you lost all your data? That would be really annoying.
    I'm doing fine myself, no exams until the June GCSE's. I'm doing Music and IT a year early, so I should have more time for my other subjects next year.
    Also, I'm looking forward to my first opera performance in 3 weeks - 'HMS Pinafore' by Gilbert and Sullivan. I'm really excited! Also, I've fianally found somewhere to use my countertenor voice - in an a-capella group consisting of a few people from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I'm very excited, as it's a very exlusive group that's just been founded, and I was reccomended by my friend who sings there. I'm singing Alto, and I'm hoping all will go well!
    I'm with MSN.
    I signed to Clifton College last year for 6th form. I'm very organised! I'm looking at other schools though - usually people from my school go to a day school accross the road, but this year everyone is looking further afield. Apparently, we're the most academic year group ever!
    Even though its nice to stay with friends, I do have to say you must make some sacrafices towards your social life to stay on top of your education. But it's completely up to you! :)
    Sorry to keep on, but I don't think you've answered yet - do you have any Instant Messengers?
    The past papers help (so much so that I found I had to do less revision, because you recognise a pattern of questions in each test), but I do have to say, even though they had some really weird answers in there, some of them we random guesses for me.
    I got my results on Thursday - Physics and Chemistry (Module 1): A, and Biology (Module 1): A*.
    Anyway, seeing as you would have probably done the test by now, all I can say is I hope it went well for you.
    Yeah, but most of the time the other 2 where so obviously incorrect, it was just an educated guess away. The trick was learning how to answer them, and doing a load of past papers really helped.
    Multiple choice was horrible! Half the questions had nothing to do with Science, and some of them had two answers which were just a feasible as each other!
    I prefer the written kind, because at least you can put down what you know, rather than having to use a pre-written answer.

    EDIT: I'm not sure whether I've asked you this or not, but do you have MSN messenger or the like?
    The snow is melting here too, but as I said, more is forecast for tommorrow. Anyway, as for your question:
    My school never closes for any reason. The headmaster is very insistent on that - we don't have to be there, but the school WILL be open. Its actually rather dangerous seeing as they have no grit for the paths, and the heating isn't really working.
    Anyway, we're not put off by the snow, and it's easy for me to get to school, as we have a 4x4. So, all in all, no missing school for me :(.
    Which Science modules are you taking? I've completed module 1 in all three now and am currently studying for module 2.
    Anyway, good luck with exams, and remember me next time you have a day off!
    Well, its very nice. I hope you're enjoying all the snow at the moment - we've got more forecast for tommorow!
    Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed my photography! I really enjoy it, and I just wish I had the resources to do more with it.
    Anyway, it isn't likely you'll find out what my sig means - it's a line from a song by Cirque du Soleil, and its written in an entirely made up language (and, as far as I'm aware, there is no translation!).
    Of course, my favourite music genre is world fusion, but I listen to pretty much anything that is out of the 'norm'. Many people tell me that my singing register is weird, but where would we be if we were all the same, eh?
    Your signature is really good - It's so old cockney like. A bit different for someone from York though, eh?
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