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    plain, brown

    plain, brown
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    sorry for the lag, shipped today.

    sorry for the lag, shipped today.
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    Diapers on a road trip?

    Did a trip from LA to Denver through Nebraska to Tulsa and back to LA on the southern route through Texas. Kept diapers and plastic pants with me the whole time. in my car, I'd prep the backpack with wipes, spare diaper, and grocery bag. Go in, hand the backpack on the coat hanger in the stall...
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    chewed through your pacifier?

    Not sure why I'm posting this, but when I first started this, I thought I was just interested in the diapers, and in using them as a tool to learn another form of relaxation. Then I got some stuffed animals, which were nice. By now I've got a sleeper, paci, etc. Well, even when I'm purging...
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    dry 24/7s leaking issue, help please?

    I got the s/m sample pack, and fit both of them, but liked that HUGE feeling that the mediums gave me when wet. The problem I had with both of them though was leaking when sitting, specifically out of the legs. In both cases they were tight enough to leave marks, not as tight as I keep my...
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    I've worn at work a few times, with no issues. I don't think I've ever been found out, but even if I were, what are the consequences. Remember, a number of people have a physical need, and no ones going to fire you for being incontinent. At most, you might get a concerned word from someone who's...
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    Dresses, freedom from the tyranny of bifurcation

    Personally I think that skirts and dresses are just brilliant for most things. Still, I like my bicycles and motorcycles, and for those, I understand the need for pants. I've had an interest in genderbending most of my life, but in the same way that the vast majority of people aren't strictly...
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    a few days of involuntary fecal incontentence.

    Well, it's been an interesting past few weeks for me. I've got an auto-immune disorder, and so, I'm on imunosuppressants. No big deal most of the time. The only real issue is that when I DO get sick, I need to get medical help. Anyway, I managed to get whooping cough. (it's unpleasant, I...
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    Does anyone have the problem going in public or family/friends

    Everything I needed to know about wetting I learned in bed. The trick, for me was to get over the desire to flood, and learn to just let it relax and become this steady tinkle, which just goes most of the time. Once I learn that level of relaxation, it's actually a great key. You learn to relax...
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    socially acceptable sippy cup, courtesy of campbells

    So, I've been running around like mad, and getting used to "convenience food" which for the most part is neither, but it wasn't till a little binging recently that I realized something quite awesome I've been using for some time. Campbells soup has a number of their soups available in "Soup at...
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    discrete daily wear kit?

    Hi everyone, Long time no see (been on a purge and am back to binging) So, I'm looking at doing some daily wear for a while. I've decided I like tape on disposables better than pull ups, both because of the absorbency and because if I need to change diapers in a public restroom, I don't need...
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    Bambino Bianco Sizes

    I'm 32" waist, and fluxuate from 140-150lbs. When I first ordered, I got a sample of small and a sample of medium. The smalls I could wear under my clothing, and no one noticed. They absorbed anything I was willing to do in public without a problem, and I was pretty happy. However, the mediums...
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    Any MA ab's or dl's

    Racoon, LOL, when I read this, I immediately thought "Martial Arts" and I was going to say "Yeah, but I'm not padded in the dojo, that would just be weird." alas, not only is it not about martial arts, but we live on different oceans too. Oh well :( Either way, welcome to the site. oh yeah...
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    Review: Target "Affirm" Super Plus absorbancy

    Cool, I'll go get a pack tomorrow and give them a shot. I'll post to this thread with an update to compare and contrast. If it turns out they're the exact same, I'll let you know. =) -- t
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    Review: Target "Affirm" Super Plus absorbancy

    Hi, I've been using Bambino's pretty regularly, and have been really happy with them. I don't have much experience with other brands. I do not wear 24/7. I just got home from a 3500 mile road trip, on which I didn't bring any diapers, because I didn't want to explain to anyone. After...