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    [US] In-store reccomendations?

    Are you looking for pull-ups, tape-ons, or either one? Obviously, nothing in a (North American) retail store will do as well as "real" adult diapers. The velcro-tab cloth-backed adult diapers from WalMart, Walgreens, CVS are all the same exact product. I can't really recommend them. Walmart has...
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    Baby Harness/Reins

    I use a personal fall-arrest harness. I'd recommend one if you're interested in baby/toddler harness-play. They're comparatively inexpensive, and because they're designed as safety gear, the quality of construction is essentially guaranteed if you buy from a reputable safety-equipment company...
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    Harness Memories

    I grew up in a very brown-rice-and-tofu hippie town, so I was never put in a harness, but I was carried in a papoose or sling rather than pushed in a stroller. That being said, the idea intrigued me, and I have begun to incorporate the harness/leash into play scenarios. For those interested in...
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    I need more advice

    Yeah, your boyfriend needs to rein it in a little. He did the right thing by disclosing his ABDL interests. You did the right thing by accepting that side of him. Now he's pushing you to go further/faster than you're willing or ready to go right now. That's not cool.
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    Adult Babies And The Male Identity

    I was a DL before I was a Little. I was potty trained before I was 2 years old, so I have no recollection of wearing diapers, potty training, or having accidents. My diaper fetish was originally an outgrowth of pee-play. I began to incorporate some AB stuff experimentally, and little by little...
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    LittleForBig Pacifiers?

    I've got 3 of the Gen 2 big-shield. They're definitely more suitable for adults than a NUK 6 or any other baby paci. The nipple has a thin line of "flash" aka the junction between the two halves of the mold. Not ideal. I find myself running my tongue over it a lot. One of my play partners has...
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    Awkward Experiences Buying Diapers

    I've been buying diapers at local stores for years and have rarely had an issue with the process. I used to limit my diaper purchasing to places like Walmart and Kroger that had self-checkout lanes. After the first year of moderate diaper usage, I got over the fear and insecurity and have no...
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    Economical DL Diaper

    If you're not limited to disposables (by privacy concerns, laundry facilities, or personal taste), you could always look into cloth diapers. The upfront cost for the diapers and plastic pants is higher than disposables, but in the long run, I think they're the most economical option around. I...
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    Enjoy watching others wet?

    For me, it depends on whether the other person seems to be enjoying it. I doubt witnessing someone having an actual accident would evoke anything other than concern and pity. Fake "accidents" and wetting in porn is not very exciting either. But when I see someone wet themselves and are clearly...
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    Why are Goodnites a popular choice among many first timer DL's?

    Exactly! A lot of us start by buying in public, and there's a lot of plausible deniability for an adult or older teen buying diapers specifically made and marketed for elementary and middle school age kids. "I'm busing them for my brother/sister/niece/nephew" is an easy cover story if anyone...
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    New Goodnites design for Girls 2016

    I've been to a couple stores in the past two weeks to stock up on the old girls L/XL designs just in case. Really hoping i havent just spent half a weeks pay on the new designs in old packaging haha (who am I kidding, I'm delighted either way!). I definitely agree that the new girl's version...
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    Opinions on: Pampers Underjams

    I second that! A couple years ago, UnderJams were the only "big kid" diaper I could fit into. Now, GoodNites are a much better fit, and personally I think GoodNites are better looking.
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    First diaper mess

    I tend to go through cycles of messing multiple times in a week, and then going for a month or two without doing it at all. I'm pretty lucky to have a lot of private time and space, so if I feel like sitting in a poopy diaper for a while, I'm free to do so. But it's important for non-IC DLs to...
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    Now That Plastic Depends Are Gone

    I was pretty disappointed when I found out that Kimberly-Clark was discontinuing the plastic Depends. I even went on a hunt for any remaining old stock in nearby stores, which I'll get back to later... I might be in the minority here but I actually really like the new design! The outline of the...
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    Wore depends to work, today...

    Yeah, being an ABDL construction worker sucks if you want to wear to work, especially with the total lack of privacy that accompanies new construction! I'm on a job right now where the only toilets are "metros" aka convertable Porta-Johns with no roof and no privacy whatsoever. I wear women's...