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    What is it like to poop?

    I also have a medication that I take 3 times a day ,it removes my bodies say ( my bowels are stuck in park) the medication removes my bodies ability to to decide when or where(which is never) I have 4 soft semiformed stools a day , don't realy feel any different when it happens ,usually when I...
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    Sleeping in diapers

    I think it took me about 10 minutes ,if there was something illegal, immoral or perverted, i could see struggling ,but since none of those things apply ,just relax ,diapers dont require a permit of permission from anybody but you .You own them them they don't own you ,you decide what happens in...
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    Diaper or Public toilet?

    I use a medication that removes me or my body haveing a choice , it has to taken with each meal and once you take it ,a diaper is not an option ,i have other health challenges that freeze my bowels ,once I take it , it is certain I will fill my diaper 4 X's a day , i don't know when or where it...
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    Were you spanked as a child

    My father was a bit of a sadist , he would make us stand on top of a rock wall , on one side was him and a piece of his favorite 2X4 on the other certain death an 1100 foot plunge to the rocky shore line and rail road tracks,We got more than spaked we got the daylight beat out of was the...
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    Are colors important when choosing diapers?

    All of my diapers are white ,my onesies and plastic pants are every color above in and below the rainbow, day to day my standard PP is "blue ice" but i have at least 10 pair of every other color (black & the diapers stored with them are designated for sick days ,or days i may be using a...
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    A good social network to find a CG?

    You do know for about $15 hour you can hire a Personal care aide to come as often or as little as you want .The benefit is they are bound by HIPPA they can not discuss what they see, here or do for you to anyone outside ,so wether you need a caregiver for medical need or fetish ,you are assured...
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    Best most Gerber-like plastic baby pants

    I second the Angelfluff "blue ice' they are the bullet proof workhorse of Angelfluff pants ,when I bought mine ,i had them fitted to me ,and bought the patterns ,i wear both snap on and pull on , when you own the pattern ,just call in the number of the pattern and quantity and perfect pants show...
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    Info on changing table?

    Dude look on Craigslist for someone giving away a hospital bed or complex rehab bed ,frequently when people die relatives give them away to just get rid of them , they can go full adult crib, are set up for restraints and canopies of metal mesh to lock the demented in so they can't wander off ...
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    What do your friends know about you?

    Everyone I know knows , family friends and anybody i may couch surf , has just in case cases of diapers , so that way i can travel lighter and just carry a limited supply that I need to get me there .
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    Embarrassing diaper rash problem/question (Guys only)

    25 years i wear cloth at home disposables on the road,mine are few and far between i happen to love yogurt and yeast doesnt " in this corner the diapered dynamo and in this one the yeast from the east" let's have a clean fight, no diaper punches in this exhibition" .Yeah they kind of pop up out...
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    Day off

    I started a road trip to the doctors office yesterday at 6 AM I take a metric ton of diapers,liners,catheters ,bag ,gloves and all the paraphenalia associated ,i was caught wihout enough diapers on a doctors visit went to the store and got the only thing they had here's a hint you can't depend...
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    Onesie Recommendation

    I get mine with 11" it will cup and hold anything i may throw at it perfectly be they my day contours or my nite (noah had an ark ,my mega night diapers dont have that luxury ). Denzel Washington "Fallen" time is not on there side! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    what do i do while still living with parents?

    Damn your rich got the diapers but still no whatnot,whats wrong with me !(dont answer that !) Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Embarrassing diaper rash problem/question (Guys only)

    Slomo said it in a great bite size or is that "fun size" ,25 years in diapers the balance between air and diapers is super important,in my experience ,also use a fan ,the hair dryer sucks !recirculateing warm moist air not good ! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    what do i do while still living with parents?

    Bro we need to talk ! 1st if you want to be a baby be a baby when you can or need or want ,it doesn't have to be your primary or only lifestyle . 2. Your mom has wiped your butt and many other things many times,not a big deal ,if you have told her in the past she knows,if you think she will be...