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    Test your *B/DL/BF level

    curious tester You scored 11 diaper purity, 15 baby purity, 9 sissy purity, and 18 Furry purity I didn't like any of the questions :p
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    These men annoy me

    I am male but am here to post and help people. I hate when people act all perverted also.
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    How old were you when you knew you weren't alone?

    About a month before I found adisc. Edit; 15 years old but that is when I found out I liked diapers so lol.
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    Tranquility ATN

    That page didn't give me any help, the post gave more info then that page I was actually asking for adisc users opinions not a wiki the wiki didn't tell me how GOOD they were of a diaper.
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    Tranquility ATN

    Ok, I just need to figure out where to buy them is northshoremedical discreet about shipping?
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    Tranquility ATN

    Are these good diapers? And are they common in stores due to the fact I am thinking about buying some over summer.
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    Who here is disabled in any sort of way?

    I don't think I have any disabilities, only one I could possibly think of is my bad knee and the fact I might need knee surgery but other then that not really. I also might have bipolar cause one moment I will be in a super good mode then the next moment I am ready to punch myself like crazy.
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    If you had the chance to win a lifetime supply of diapers

    Between Tranquility Slimline or Bambinos.
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    Discreet Diaper Suppliers

    xpmedical doesn't have tranquility though?
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    Discreet Diaper Suppliers

    So I thought about buying some diapers finally. From experience which site is the most discreet about shipping? I am 15 and It wouldn't be good if I got caught.
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    Hi from TN =)

    I am in KY lol
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    Holy ****

    WOw I might actually buy, if anyone orders tell me how discreet they are.
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    Hello adisc

    Thank you for the nice welcomes, I'm in the process of figuring out how to order them online safely and will hopefully have a pair soon.
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    By any standard of good parenting...

    Sad how people would do that, I never wet my bed ever and it made my parents happy, but my older brother did but they made sure everything was cleaned the instant it happened.
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    Fake Bedwetting

    Ive wet my bed on purpose sometimes, but I don't really notice a difference in being able to hold my bladder, I do notice that after the first few times it was easier to relax the muscles and just go without forcing it, but no big difference.