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    Home Internet prices? What do you pay and what do you have?

    £20/month for unlimited fibre (68up/17down actual speeds) + £12/month for line rental. £3.33/month for fast vpn and the world is my oyster. £12/month for Giffgaff mobile 'unlimited' data - done several gig in a day streaming twitch and they didn't seem to care.
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    UK - no more DryNites L/XL?

    No issues here. Drynites website still has all the sizes clearly displayed - I wouldn't say that only the smaller sizes are the only ones prominently pictured.
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    AB & DL New Year's Resolution

    Stop drinking alcohol. Plain and simple. If I can manage dry January I'll be chuffed, if I can do the whole year I'll be proud to bits of myself.
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    New 8-15 Drynites in UK

    They look pretty cool. Both Boots and Sainsburys seem to have them. You can tell the new pack by the little picture of a drynite in the blue circle - at the bottom right of the pack (as shown in sambus' picture above). The packs with the older designs don't have the little picture in a blue...
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    Where did you get your plushie

    My current teddy I bought in Hamleys in London (an awesome store - biggest toy store in the world and a floor just for stuffed animals). Normal teddy bear size. My other teddy is one I had from when I was a baby - so who knows where he came from!
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    What is your favorite music to listen to

    Drum & bass, breaks, trance, psy-trance and psy-breaks. Anything without singing in it, basically.
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    Running a speedy i5 2500k churning away at a nice 4.33Ghz; 8gb ram, 2tb hard-drive, GTX 570. 28" and 24" monitors - because I can! Brand I forget - they actually went into administration days after my computer arrived! Win 7. Never had a problem. I should turn my old Athlon 2100+ beast (10.5...
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    Greifing in online video games.

    Recently, what with the plethora of hackers that have invaded MW3 for PC, I have started tubing like a boss. Almost up to 500 kills with the XM25 in just a few days! Annoying as buggery for other players but funny as hell for me, even when I'm getting wallhacked/aimbotted to death all the time.
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    Hello again

    Hello again. I posted an intro a few years ago (back in 2008), however I haven't really been that active since. I've always been quite a lurker, but I've decided to become bit more active again, hence I thought I'd redo an intro post. I'm a research scientist - I spend all day in a lab making...
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    Have I really consumed this much water? [Oh, and part one of markdude has no life >.>]

    I also recently received a nice letter from my friends Severn Trent, according to it I've used 20000litres in 200days, 100L/day! Shocking. Similar to markdude, I'm on my own - 2 bed appartment, no dishwasher, shower etc.. Admittingly I have a shower at least once I day, but no more than...
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    Do you take off the same way you put on??

    Exatamondo. This man speaks the truth.
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    Cnut, Fkuc, Siht! [Caution: Contains Severe Expletives]

    As Charlie mentioned, 'twat' is a great word. Fuck is probably the most used of all swears that I utter. However, nothing really beats uttering 'cunt' (or some variant of) on the rare occasion when it truly fits. I have a filthy mouth. >_>
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    Your favorite (fake) pickup lines.

    I've lost my teddybear, can I sleep with you tonight?
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    Evenings, always. I'm far from a morning person, getting up at 8:30 is bad enough as it is, let alone getting up 1/2 an hour earlier! You'd think that simply going to bed 1/2 an hour earlier and thus having the time to shower would work, but for some reason I don't work like that. I just don't...
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    Your underwear

    Briefs. I don't like boxers at all. I haven't tried boxer-briefs, yet. I'm rather liking this 80's/retro/street-style (or whatever it is) current fashion trend, there are some rather awesome adult size childish style underware around.