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  • It's been tough the past couple years but hopefully better days are on the horizon. *crinklewags*
    Stuart or Toby? I still have you on Facebook... Just think back to the 5 hour long Skype calls... I was the annoying one that started it all!
    Its great to see you're back! :)
    (If you even remember who I am? )
    I have for some reason decided to post here. A lot has happened, but almost all good. I have met my boyfriend IRL, Smeath. We met here. I'm still as much of a sissy, teenbaby, furry babyfur as ever, if not more so. Life is going great. However, I'm likely to not be here, like ever. I may, but likely not. Just not really my cup of tea anymore. I still may be on for a bit, maybe, assuming all my friends haven't moved on.
    For the record, I only did that because I was ending the cast and needed something for people to lulz about- just for jokes!
    I love what you wrote in your Personal Space absolutely brilliant, also hope your all right atm.
    Hey daddy, i'm sorry I have not contacted you until now, I've been somewhere that does not have internet access for almost 4 months.
    When you come online, half your brain will be melted thanks to Brainfuck, so at that point, I hope you stop it and switch to LOLCODE. Just as useless :p
    Nope. Thats Chris that won't shut up
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