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  • Hi TeddyBearGirl. While searching for Chastity info on ADISC, I ran into your post in 2012 about your lack of intimacy. I’m curious, is that still an issue? I’m going through the same thing but with my wife. (I’m a male) It seemed like the same scinario as us. She never wants intamicy and is perfectly fine without and I’m having issues accepting it.

    I apologize if this seems like stalking. I’m just curious as to how it is 6 years later and if things are better. If you prefer not to share, that’s fine. I appreciate your time reading this.
    I'll experiment with it. Kinda having a baby moment right now. Thanks for your help, I'll let you know if I have more questions.
    Well let's see, I know I loved Legos as a kid and always wanted a Beyblade top, I guess I can get into it that way. I also know I can get childish hugging my plushie lion. I'm just trying to find what I'm comfortable with. Do you think a 2-year old would be more comfortable with a bottle or a sippy cup?
    Hey, you're into ageplay, aren't you? I'm trying to get into it so I thought I'd ask you how you go about it, how you get into that state of mind, if you don't mind me asking.
    i started college in august so that's kept me pretty busy hbu? any development with you significant other knowing?
    I'm not that into TFK or Red, but I love Skillet! I always crank up the volume when they play Whispers in the Dark on the radio!
    You know Relient K? That is awesome!!! I'm a huge Christian music fan. My favorite band is and forever will be Third Day!
    My mom, idk she would of been puzzled, but she must think that I use the sippy cup, its like, why would I keep it? you know lol
    I kinda wonder how she would of responded if I had been like, I like baby things from time to time
    definitely going to be more cautious, even going back to school, I can not afford to get caught, that would be so embarassing
    it was so nervewrecking, I was like what do I say? I remained really calm though, and she just went along with it....I gta becareful when I come back from college for sure though
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