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    ABU Cloth Cushies gone?

    I also want to try the cloth backed one because you can take them off and put them back on with out worry of the tape not sticking because of the velcro tabs
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    I want to embrace my ABDL boyfriend

    Search ABDL on tumblr and see what you find i have a blog and ik of a blog that is named dominate daddy which he and is lil girl are into ageplay and bdsm so he has given some really good advice to others about being a daddy/mommy
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    First Order Memories

    well i got them today currently wearing one wasnt expecting them to be this huge lmao but no smell until i opened the box and it was not strong but it was noticeable. very happy with my purchase
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    how long have you been wearing?

    That is quite a long time did you ever get caught?
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    First Order Memories

    Well i ordered my first diapers online the other day from AB Universe. I got the plastic backed Cushies. They are set arrive next tuesday i Can't wait but i am kinda nervous because they are being sent to a college mail room for me to pick up when they arrive. I hope the baby fresh scent isnt...
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    Your Dream Car

    My dream car would prob have to be one of the last signed Shelby GT500's those cars are awesome and the man that created the beast a legend RIP Carol Shelby
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    Am I a DL?

    If you like wearing then you like diapers its the point wear you think about wearing when you are not actually wearing is when you become a DL. Well that is my opinion anyway. Yes i would say it is possible to be an AB/DL through indulging in fantasies.
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    what would you like to see from bambino diapers?

    i would like to see a decline in the price for a college student they are too expensive :(
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    YOUR Stash!

    i have a full pack of Boy goodnight's L/XL, almost a full pack of luvs size 6 (more of a filler pad), almost a full pack of depends, and i have a 10 pack of ABU Cushies on the way :D. Sense i am a college student i keep my stash in my car in a suit case and have a small bag that i put a few...
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    After 14 days in diapers...

    Thats funny i live in Northern New York near the canadian border so the winters here are also harsh
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

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    After 14 days in diapers...

    I am in college and i wear most nights and weekends haven't had enough courage to go to class in one tho lol. but im wearing right now and i feel comfortable. It really is a pain with a roommate but my diapers are in my car except a few i keep in a bag in my closet for when my roommate leaves...
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    After 14 days in diapers...

    That is good that you are becoming more comfortable and hey if someone finds out and says something you look at them and say " I am incontinent that will get them to leave it alone most of the time.
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    College tips? wearing in college?

    You could blame the stress of school for the reason you are wearing sweat pants. i am a current college student and i know when i am stressed the last thing i want to do is worry about how i look lol. - - - Updated - - - You could blame the stress of school for the reason you are wearing sweat...
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    Tax return

    I just reawakened my fetish so i have yet to factor my diaper costs into my budget which is already smaller then a shoe string lol.