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  • wow....well its good that u have a good afraid to tell anyone....
    thats a good story....what does she fell about you acting like a toddler though? Like, it sounds like she understand the diaper parts but what about the toddler part?
    how were u able to tell your wife? how did she respond? show does she feel knowing that you are AB?
    i am happy for u....i hope one day to be in your u think i could be in your position one day?
    congrats tdlr....i sadly dont have alot of toddler stuff. I can only recall 3 chrismas' growing up as a kid, so when Im older i am going to give myself multiple christmas' with lots of lots of toys:)
    I love Hot Wheels, I would like a woody and a buzz lightyear action figure...Im probably not going to get a lot of toddler stuff, but I sure wish I said im always snooping Toys R Us
    That sounds cool. I havent got any toddler stuff lately, but I am sucking my nuk 3 paci, Iwould like a nuk 5 also, what toys do u want for christmas?
    I had an ok day, it rained here all day as well. My Cowboys lost:( what make it worst that it was to Philadelphia:( O well....that is sooooo coool that u got a buzz lightyear fleece...I love buzz light need to go to your house:)
    goodnite tdlr....sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite....gnite:) talk to you tomorrow...laterzzz
    im happy a guy like myself can see that now, i thought i was the only one fascinated by baby and toddler stuff but I see now that i am clearly not and they are NORMAL people like me
    I can happily say that this site has helped me accept my Ab side....Im not fully there yet but this site has helped. Im not really ashamed of it anymore, I like it and am happy of this part of me
    I have never actually tried bambinos, and i wish i could use goodnites, pull-ups and underjams forever but at least bambinos are babyish, which I like. Underoos to me are pretty awesome and they are for little boys which fit our age discription...i have never actually tried an adult diaper...just baby only 19 and still fairly skinny....when I get older and get my own place...i want to have a room dedicated for AT stuff
    Boston had some key injuries last yr. They will definantly be better...they got better and a bit younger with gonzalez and crawford....I hate the yankees along with there annoying obnoxious fans.....I really really hope Cliff Lee is a Ranger....I heard the rangers also want to try to trade for Zack Greinke,if they got him along with Cliff Lee...they would have Lee, Greinke, Wilson, Lewis, and Hunter as a starting 5.....we would be the favorite to win the AL again which is what I hope happens....Whenever I get to live life as a toddler, I would like to have pull-ups, bambinos diapers, and underoos, I feel that a 3 yr old can get a way with all of them, which would be perfect for me:)
    that would be awesome to hang out at your house...i bet your room and all your toys are AWESOME!!
    hey toddler, sorry i was away for a while, that would be quite awesome, im a pretty curious 3 yr old, a bit of a troublemaker, but i know right from wrong, and are really close to my friends.....I really hope the Rangers resign Cliff Lee....according to reports it sounds like they are on the right track...but the Skankees are just annoying....i like the red sox, fenway park is awesome...they are my second team to the rangers...carl crawford and adrian gonzalez will really help them out
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