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Hi im the apparently invisible person calling themself TB333.

I enjoy Video games, movies, well thought out stories, urban exploring, paranormal, ect. As you can see, theres a nice variety of topics to discuse.
I have a switch and a ps4 so anyone who wants to play can ask for my user name or friend code.
Im actualy developing a video game , an rpg, so anyone who interested or wants details can message me.

When it comes to my dl side, I would like to be a daddy or care giver, and care for someone physically and emotionally. Im a bit of an empath so caring comes naturally to me. Feel free to chat with me about anything, I might not be able to give expert advice, but if want to talk im here for you.
I'd like to find a personal relatonship that would mutually enjoyable. That dosent need to be the reason behind interactions on here though, im always open to friends.
Like anyone other person, I like to meet people with simular likes and opionions but I dont like echo chambers. If you want to debate, I will on most subjects if you. I just ask that it doessnt devolve into a fight or any non-benefiting exchange. Im open minded and willing to try new things within reason. For elaboration on anything in this profile message me....

On a side note, I have a tendency to not check dates before posting so sorry for any kind of postromancy.


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