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    Not even a little bit. :P I am Druid, so I celebrate the Solstice on the 21st. XD So what are you geeky about? I must know. :3
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    Your freak-out plans?

    Solstice blessings, meditation, time talking to my ABs, and then a nice meal for dinner. Same as every other year. (Well, not the talking to ABs, I didn't have those last year.) Actually, that is a christian thing. A lot of pagan religions hold the number 13 in high regard because there are 13...
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    Oooohhh... Good question... I would have to say that Russia is up there on my list, but so is Wales, Scotland, Sweden, NZ, Chile, and Japan. I want to see the whole world, be one of those people who opens their passport and has trouble finding a blank spot. :) Also, I hate movies based on...
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    Hello ADISC!!!

    Well, like he said. Normal is boring. You will find that a lot of people that are more intelligent than average have similar thoughts unless they just haven't thought about normality. :P To be accepted as 'normal' is to be a number. One of a billion. To be abnormal is to be unique, one of one...
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    hi everyone :)

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    Hello :)

    Aww... I wish you all the luck with having a child some day. Have you looked into adoption? I am hoping to adopt a child when I am financially stable. :) Adopting is really one of the most kind and amazing things you can do for a child with no family. In any case, welcome to the site! :) I have...
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    New Here

    Dessert... You will laugh, but I actually eat raw strawberries or an apple. :P I like sweets, but I have been trying to cut down. For a super sweet dessert, ice cream with home made caramel. I make caramel, it is the only thing that I can make without it resulting in food poisoning. XD
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    im a new member on this site

    I wear 24/7 as well, but it didn't start as a choice. :P i am bladder incontinent, so I was in nappies and hating it, then one day I realized it was pointless to hate it if I had to do it, so I started finding ways to like it, now I love being a nappyfur and look forward to being a baby for my...
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    im a new member on this site

    I mostly just hate that our politicians are pig headed and we are squabbling over the rights of homosexuals to get married. There are so many more important things that we need to face... The gay marriage issue should be really simple, but every politician brings their personal religious views...
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    im a new member on this site

    Hehe. My interests are pretty much limited to computers and writing. I am... Well... How to put this... Bluntly: I write pornography. Specifically of the furry variety, mostly homosexual, but I do commissions and such. I only have one story that was written just for fun that I liked enough to...
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    I admit it, I'm a furry fan.

    Hehe. So... What you are saying is... You are a hipster. :laugh::laugh::laugh: Couldn't help it. It was left wide open. :P
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    im a new member on this site

    Hehe. I love cooking, but I am terrible at it. XD Toxic, as some would claim. >.> :P
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    im a new member on this site

    This logic is very sound. No way to argue against attractiveness. :3 HAZZAAAAAAH! I go for the blue, too. :D I was really hoping you were talking about proper football and not the chicken, pads-and-helmets false rugby rubbish we watch over here in the US. :P I haven't been able to keep up with...
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    Squee! Nineteen Eighty-Four is my favorite book ever! I like you already. :D I am really jealous, though... I want to travel the world, but I am too poor to do it right now. D: Maybe some day! So, couple questions... Hm... What is your favorite country to visit? You mentioned NZ, but you didn't...
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    Hi, new here...

    Well, happy birthday! I know the feeling about wanting to hide that side of you. I used to try to hide the fact that I wear nappies (I started wearing out of necessity, and now I wear out of necessity and because I like to) and it sorta made things complicated. I hope you can find some peace...