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  • Not only old people... I didn't really mean "old" in the context it's usually used, I'm not even adult myself! I'll find out about all the stuff at some point in time, I like the idea of bdsm a bit, in my own way :eek:.. Why did you not like chemistry again? it's a wonderful subject I can totally get along with :D, especially thre entire atom theory and ways of bonding with all to do with it!
    lol you two are wonderful together. The amount of times I spent laughing in bed with my own girlfriend are almost innumerable too. I guess stuff is just hilarious when you're still young! I don't feel old enough yet for sex toys though, they seem a bit out of place for me, a boy and a girl have everything it needs when put together :D.. Let me say something out of place: it was a vibrator wasn't it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt7A3C933GA
    I see. I'm DL only and have been since I was two I always like to say. I have so many memories of my toddlerhood and I'm still sad they are over. I've always wanted to return to that time but I can't play like it. So now I'm just DL.
    So you're basically doing the same course as I do, but then more the analytical side. I took microbiology, regular chemistry, organic chemistry and a few physics classes to amuse myself during the first year, it's quite fun :D

    So, how's life for the two of you
    It's hard to miss the rest when you're doing such things! But I hope you have a lot of fun in those anatomy classes :), I'll get biology eventually, but we're doing microbiology right now it's quite fun
    Anatomy? What kind of job can you do with that? I guess the first few months will be basic biology for you, and after that the real stuff will start!
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