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  • yeah i only did join a few dows ago, it used to be cutiepie but when i discovered im a furry i changed it to boltpup ;)
    You do have a good point. Glad I could brighten your day a little, although your choice of words may have been a tiny, tiny bit creepy. o_O

    *Thumbing through urban dictionary looking for "Dawgasm"*
    Shiba Inu are SO CUTE! Lol. As for the profile pic, that's cool, just thought I'd offer. I admire being that secure about it, I'd absolutely die if my friends knew, they wouldn't understand Lol.

    By the way, if you want, I can blur out the face on your profile pic. It'd take me all of 10 seconds and I'd be happy to do it, just let me know.
    It's usually not a good idea to post your face anywhere on the internet, much less here, but I'll leave it up to you.
    It's a female Akita named Kisu. Akita is a Japanese breed of a German Shepherd and Chow, that over the course of centuries became it's own breed. The puppy isn't mine, but I do have an Akita named Shaggy. =)
    ... I was surprised to see you up in blue lights, as a newbie... when I was looking for members beginning "ra..." then noticed why... sadly you probably won't see this... If I were in a "mood" I would say all sorts of insulting things about you here... and blow raspberries and write graffiti... but instead I'll just be a bit sad you never came back.

    Depressed? because of the mental state of that car accident or because of stress? Either ways, you should tell me what became of those old towels as inspiration because I have someone dear coming over :)!
    Hey that link below this comment looks exactly like pojo's previous avatar, or well I've seen it before in any case. Biology is quite fun yeah, I don't enjoy it as much as practical chemistry because you constantly have to think of those tiny buggers infecting your work, but the microscope is fun. I can't look with both eyes in the stereo microscopes due to.. physical condition :p, but I still find it fascinating. How are you doing now, mentally?
    Aurora plush Dreamy Eyes MILKSHAKE Cow 10" AUR21045 - eBay (item 180290442658 end time Sep-24-08 11:26:33 PDT)
    oh god naming compounds, it's easy when you get it but I had my time of not understanding it enough.. Chemistry is like an instrument, once you have the basics you'll play any song with practice. Also, biology is the best :D, how're you doing?
    Yeah...He has like some instruments he uses sometimes, and he hits one of his bells...And he's like "I hit one of my bells...That's not a good thing to say in life. It's one letter off from being something really painful...And to do it you either have to be able to bend really far, or have giant balls to do it"
    Yeah, but I thought the term "giant balls" was funny...So it ruined the rest...Darn Demetri Martin D: (Comedian)
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