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  • I am currently in college. I pretty much like to do anything outside especially hiking and disc golf if you know what that is. I used to play Neopets but I haven't for a couple of years. Are you in college/high school?
    Hey not too bad. Busy with finals coming up. How are you doing? So you are from PA, I drove through Pennsylvania on my way to Washington DC on Spring Break it was very pretty. I see that you like tails. I am a big sonic fan, what do you like the best out of the TV series' and the games'?
    Sorry I didn't know.. Anyway I'm fine at the moment, school just started back so i'm not so happy :(
    That's so cool! I currently use Corel Draw and Pain (yes, pathetic) for all my projects. The current project is an animation made in Corel.
    Aww, the only thing I have of Tails is a T-shirt, and a hat. Of course, I have also some games where he appears d=
    Well, first I wanted a place to just help me out with a problem I had. But then, I made friends, got some reputation here, and other cool stuff :D
    Some things I like to do: Draw, play fps', chat with my best buddies, and acting kind of inmaturely ^_^ p.s. this is my best drawing of Tails I have made: Pre-School Baby Tails (colored) by BernardFx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    Haha, it's funny for me. It took me around 2 years after I started Googling this subject to find this forum. :p

    So, what things you like?

    P.s. two tails FTW!
    If you just add me out of the blue, then don't reply to my comments, then whats the point in being friends?
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