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    Forced punishment

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    Hi liz! Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here!
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    Console Scalping is resulting in low Software sales

    Does this mean I should short Gamestop? ;)
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    Bunnyhopps picture request (not what it sounds like LOL)

    I'm not in a position to do that right now, lol
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    Hi Guys

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    Steam sale

    They technically did. If I understand this right, because I was too lazy to actually buy the game, The trilogy is composed of the first two games that were released and a third edition that never got a stand alone release.
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    Greetings from Finland

    Ok. That is a clever username. Welcome to the site
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    Bunnyhopps picture request (not what it sounds like LOL)

    This just emphasizes that this site needs more diaper review threads.
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    how to deal with ghosting

    gosh this sounds stupid to type. About a week ago on another site someone posted a request for roleplay. I responded and we went over what we wanted, then went through the introductory scene that night, the next night we just did some general talking and everything seemed to be going great, and...
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    how to deal with ghosting

    how do you deal with being ghosted in this community?
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    Hi, I'm new here

    Hi! Meeting people is a balancing act for sure. Trying to juggle "take it slow" but "put yourself out there" is not an easy thing to do. Best advice I can give is keep trying until you find someone that'll actually talk back and then take it slow.
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    Hi from ontario

    I'm from America, but hi! and welcome!
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    Diaper Connoisseur Lately

    are they still in business? or do they only really sell through amazon now?
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    Megamax Sizing

    28-29' waist here. the smalls fit me just fine.
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    wow. that's a dang good intro for this site, you have alot of hobbies but tell you really want to string Spider-Man up by his webs? 😆