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  • Thank you, thank you. I'm happy to be a part of it :)
    Spent too many years making myself alone, so it's rejuvenating to be a part of something like this.
    Yes, thank you for the friends request. Wanted to reply sooner, but wasn't allowed to until I was established.
    well I'll be honest I might be newer to furries than you might be even though I've had a small active precensce in the community for a few years I've done drawings for comics and other things commisions I just cant seem to do cute. besides bunnies.
    But basically a "babyfur" would be the furry equal to an Adult Baby (AB), often just called cubs. There are also "Diaperfur", which would be equal to a diaper lover (DL).

    FurAffinity, is a website that allows artists, and furries to gather online. Have forum topics, post blogs, send messages, post on profiles, make friends, etc. You can share art, or just view it.
    Thank you very much. Yes, you have my permission to draw my fursona.

    I just ask, that if you post them online, to let me know about them. My FurAffinity account name is Matmew.

    fursona = fur + sona = FURry + PerSONA

    So a fursona is just your Furry Persona, it's basically the representation of myself as a young Mountain Lion cub. I'll be honest, that I'm very new to the furry community / culture / fandom. I don't fully understand everything. If you have questions, you might want to post a question in the "Babyfur" section, on this site. Someone might be able to answer questions better than myself. There is also the WikiFur website, that allows you to search various words / topic that might be encountered in the babyfur community.
    No worries. - My profile picture (The one on my page, that has the full body picture) - Was a commission that I had done by ToddlerGirl on FurAffinity, of my fursona.

    My Avatar (the head shot that appears when I post something) - Was another commission that I had done by Marci on FurAffinity. That one I actually met her in person at a fur con that I went too. While I was at the con, I commissioned her for it. It's just the head of a full picture. I cropped it, so that I could use it here.

    I'm not sure if you're on Fur Affinity, but if you need them, I can give you their user names. The profile picture, I think cost me about $25 & the Marci one was $55. I'm not much of an artist either. But if you're interested in cute cub / babyfur art; I suggest that you join Fur Affinity. You can follow different people, and will be notified when they submit new artwork.
    Dude. Is that lil' Kaiba and diapered Moki in your avatar? Ohemgeeee!
    Hi tai, wondering where I can find your comic?
    Would someone take a look at my comic
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