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  • hiya swift, nothing is up much with me, I am tired, I just ran 3 miles and walked 5 miles at the track, Im trying to keep in shape, I notice you live in Connecticut, I do as well,
    So I take it, the break up was mutual? Did you enjoy Hawaii? I've never been so I wouldn't even know what to think of it. We're going on a cruise come December. We might even end up going to Colorado for a week for our honeymoon? Not sure yet.
    ya it's been forever. I'm getting married actually. To my daddy in fact. Ive also been working like crazy as has daddy. Busy busy busy. Saving planning all that jazz. How bout you?
    Um okayish :) lol I dunno feel down today? Oh, I'm blonde (again) now! haha I love it... Daddy deals with it lol :p how's the Islands?
    yes i said Butthead :p hahahahaha I like that word/name and it was cause I took the time to write such a long and thought out response and then you go swoop in with one sentence :p lol
    Someone at my school dressed up as the Doctor and my friend was going to be, but didn't manage to get a sonic screw driver. I was going to be a weeping angel to help her with the costume.
    that's because i never log on. Lol. Too much going on... But that's going to be changing after next week. I'm quiting my job, i know that sounds awful considering the economy, but i cant stand my work enviroment. I can't have a job where i have to make everybody happy. My boss, my coworkers, the customers, there are just too many people to plaese and not enough of me. But anyways hows life
    hey, it's alright. Just got done with play rehersal... Got another one tomorrow. It's hard work and get's tiring!

    How are you?
    yeah for sure! No worries though dude :) hey have you read my new story? Of course Mikeru was the first one to start bashing it. So i put him in his place. Then his little posse comes after me and i put them in their place. *grins*
    I haven't talked to you since forever ago!!! :) so much has changed!!!! I have an amazing super duper daddy :) and a great boyfriend too :D Talk to you soon!!!! :D
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