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  • You are awesome. Especially for bearing with me and my total n00bness at LoL. Couldn't ask for a better pet, really! :3
    Headache hopefully gone by now!

    Ah yes I tend to post things every now and again :p Didn't think about that.
    Yeah I have the Limited Edition too, pre-ordered it and everything! I loved Demon's Souls.
    I've thought about buying the PC edition but I don't think any of my friends would go for it, even if I did offer to help XD

    I've actually been helping a friend of mine on PS3 pretty much the entire game. It's been heaps of fun but it's funny because I'd have to run through the whole area first and beat the boss solo and then drop a white sign for him, just to make sure we kept up to the same parts in the game! I don't think he even realised, ha ha.

    What's your favourite DMC/MGS game?
    I didn't make it, but I wish I had. Remember, Google images is your friend :)

    It will never try to stab you, and in fact, cannot speak. If it does, I recommend disregarding its advice.

    Nice work, BTW. I'd follow you, but that would expose my real name. And I don't want anyone finding that out.
    Ha ha, heya! :smile1: I'm doing pretty well, yourself?

    Who told you about my love of those games? >.> <.<
    You're on to me! :detective3

    Ah yes, the Prepare to Die Edition? I've heard of that. I have it on the PS3 actually it kind of sucks but I think we have to pay 10 bucks for that content or something?

    Anyway, nice to meet you! :smile:
    thanks, the true world is a harsh place, I prefer my little bubble that I can take with me, every time I do a good deed and help out someone else I get a warm fuzzy feeling and the bubble grows just a bit :3
    maybe one day it'll be big enough to share with more people.
    *huggles teh schweetiefoxie* <3

    And yeah, I've always said that your fursona is a good match for your appearance ^^
    I'm going to have to be generic and say Knights of Cydonia. :p I also really like Bliss, Resistance and Hysteria though.

    I listen to quite a lot of electronic music. Muse interests me because it's one of the instrumental bands that I don't get tired of. :)
    Not much. ^^ Jus' relaxing and stuff.

    That sucks by the way. :/ I can see where you are coming from.

    Edit: Had a look at your "about me". I love muse. :D What's your favourite muse song (if you have one)? ^^
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