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  • LOL I hope we don't actually sound like "'stralia mate, howz't gaaaaarn" but maybe we do!

    Feeling very Australian at the moment as Melbourne has been baking in the sun for the last few weeks..... Nearly hot enough to drink our crappy macro lager at 2 degrees c.

    Always wanted to visit London, no that I am listening to the Neverwhere audio book I really want to see the sights!
    Thanks for the compliment ^^ your's is rather cute as well ^^
    Thanks, it was great for me too! The logistics were even less complicated than I feared, so I'm really looking forward for the next meet. Lack of organization = more relaxed day, which is good by me! Sorry for having dragged you guys right in the middle of such a crowded place for nothing... :)
    Thankies ^.^ Buh dunno about the circus, can't entirely afford it. Is everyone gonna be going to it? :p
    Hehe, a very late night by my standards :p

    *snuggles a sleepy eyed superduper*
    my bunny i found fits that description, i suggest looking in charity shops for nice well priced teddy. Even with two here i find it hard to chose who i want to hug :p
    I now just meet off site as it's allowed. The meet was great and I happily got what I wanted, from it, wasn't expecting it tho. Thing is with others you don't see the diaper all you see is a group of great others :p. I found a polar bear i wanted, about 2ft tall and £120, perfect but too much :p.
    The rule wasn't enforced until November 1st meaning i could go as it was in October. I had a relaxing day apart from sixth form. Pasta was for dinner :3

    The work was done by a very good and nice friend, i digitalised the hand drawing and coloured it :p Tavi's polar bears aren't as cute :p
    hello. Yups im a Londoner. South west London is very dirty :p but its cheap enough :p. Not so great in my opinion tho. I went to the last meet anyway so im happy. Plus on the date its on im up north seeing some good friends, and there ab's so it makes up for it :3. Hope your days been good today :p
    Hey, how you doing superduper. Looking forward to the meet? I cant wait to go lazerquesting, havent been in years, same goes for the circus really. Hopefully see you in chat before we go.
    If you don't know who I am by now, well, you should hit the story forum more often! :D
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