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    Where to get a fursuit made?

    Komickrazi Studios - Art and Costumes she does good fur suit for a decent price, she is the one that did sulli for me and wally for my mate.
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    Dog catches police car

    wow "good dog"
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    Tea survey!

    ice tea is the big one for me, but going into other teas, green tea with sugar and honey. the other tea i been drinking lots of lately is pomegranate white tea.
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    Triple padded!

    abena x-plus, abena booster and a depend is the most iv done,
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    Hello from alberta canada

    welcome to the fourms hum, im sulli form one province to the east, you give us our weather and by george, last year we got the short end of that stick. anyways, welcome again to the fourms there something for everyone here
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    Looking for a specific diaper

    i sleep with my mate and he would not take it off me
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    Hello *bows*

    welcome hun, nice to see the babyfurs popping out of the wood works again, hugs, the site is a really friendly site to get along with, you will like it here i think
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    Looking for a specific diaper

    last time i tried first quality, i wore them to bed, woke up half way though the night naked with the diaper next to me undone.
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    How do you diaper up?

    mostly just powder and wipes, if it's really dry or itchy down there, baby lotion and or diaper rash cream.
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    hey hun, welcome to the forms, it's sulli, nice RP u started but d u have any background stroy...

    hey hun, welcome to the forms, it's sulli, nice RP u started but d u have any background stroy for it?? id be intrested in playing in it aswell if i could see a background for what u are looking for
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    A new babyfur ^-^

    welcome to the forums hun, there is a whole slosh of us around here somewhere, im sulli a baby wolf aswell, more of a lurker it seams these days then anything i hate to admit.
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    hawwo padded wolfy here

    welcome hun to the community, over there is the play pen for the lil ones for when they are watching us, "giggles wags appily" im a babyfur aswell and seams more of a lurker then anything on forum sites now a days. always interested in meeting new furs so if ya wanna chat hit me up.
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    canadian diaper supplers??

    b4ns is where i ussually get my diapers but currently they not stocking the abena extra, so im looking for someone else that shipps and sells diapers, nothing yet, so i may have to start ordering diapers from the states, but i know duity across the border will kill the cheapness of the diapers
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    canadian diaper supplers??

    if the suppler is in canada its not s expensive, and most medical supply stores dont carry the abena and molicare unless you ask them to bring it in. and when that starts to happen they start asking you if you want the proper receipt so u can claim it, and i dont want to go though that headache...
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    canadian diaper supplers??

    i have been buying my diapers from a suppler in Canada but the name B4NS. now i have seen a few other places around Canada that sell diapers but i can find them anymore. i was wondering if any one out there knows of a Canadian suppler of diapers out there that either sell, Molicare, secure...