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  • Hi Paddy, technically the forum we are using is for day care so I may open another thread that we can use for our role play. Also when you reply if you could add more than just a single line taht would help the flow, so talk about how you are feeling and what you are thinking, rather than just I'm wet, messy hungry. have alook at the way I write. I;m not asking for pages of the stuff bot more would be appreciated. And it does get easier with practice. Ok?
    Hi Paddy, it looks as if Mummy Milk has left Adisc which is very sad, as she was a really good rp'r. I am trying to recruit another mummy to play under the same sort of set up as Mummymilk and I had going, if I can find one, are ytou still interested in being adopted or do you just want me to adopt you as a singlr daddy at the moment. let me know on my wall or through daycare.
    Hi Paddy, glad you enjoyed the change! I would say that mummy Milk and Myself would adopt you but poor old Mummy is in the mods bad books so Ican't talk to her about this. But, provided you don't mind being adopted by a much older (in rl I'm 56), and don't mind not having a mummy at the moment or for that matter Kelvin or Mary to play with then I am more than happy to adopt you within the confines of Adisc, but I do need to know how old you are and as much detail as you can about the baby you, age, likes, dislikes, obviously does poopy nappies and likes a bottle, but things like behaviour favourite activities, foods,tv programs, does he have afternoon naps, dummy (paci), the more detail you can give the better I can interact. So upto you. Let me know please one way or the other. I will try to contact Milk and see if she wants to add another child to our 'family'.
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