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  • I have two fursonas.

    One that is a Diaperfur.

    One that is just a regular Furry.

    Yeah I might check that out, thanks for the tip. I have considered it but have never organised to do it :p

    Oh and what do you mean one that isn't for general fandom use? Just wondering so I can answer that :smile1:
    No, definately not as much as I wish I was.

    I'd love to go to meets and things like that but there aern't too many in Australia :(

    I'm looking at acquiring a fursuit soon :p then I'll probably be alot more active :smile1:

    Really the only things I've done in regards to the fandom is have an account on FA, commission art such as my avatar (thanks for the compliment by the way), have a Fursona that I love and be in a furry state of mind, ha ha.
    Thats awesome. Are you enjoying uni? Yeah I'm just working...good old full-time work. Kinda miss my lazy uni days. Althought having money is always a good thing.
    yeah my Avi. It was done for me by Nieve. I have a copy of it in my album labeled avatars
    yeah but never ever really us it for much
    thanks for the tollhouse cookies!
    *Giggles and hops off you for a swim in the cold ocean*
    Looks down at the sand and smiles at the way it shines
    *holds on tight and smiles at the lovely shapes the clouds make*
    I don't know daddy. What do you want to do?
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