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    Pressure buildup while sitting

    Happens to me all the time. I often don't have any feeling of the need to pee until I stand up and then usually flood my nappy.
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    silly but progress.

    I always use the disabled toilet and have a radar key. My continence nurse told me to get a radar key as I was entitled to have one now. One day I came out and a rather large elderly lady was giving me the evils. She obviously thought I had no reason to use the disabled toilet and keep her...
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    Anyone else enjoy a stranger seeing your nappy?

    I quite like people finding out I wet the bed and wear nappies. I don't know why I just do.
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    Simulating bedwetting

    This made me smile. "Simulating Bedwetting" I wish! I wet the bed every night without fail and don't need to resort to any simulation.
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    Ever Talk to Your Mom about Diapers?

    I talked to my Mother about nappies when I was made to wear them in my teens because I still wet the bed.
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    Boots StayDry Slips M/L

    I've used Boots Stay Dry and they are OK and will do but there are better slips than the Boots range. I normally use Tena Maxi Slips.
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    So i get it but I don't

    When I was growing up it was as if your Mother had failed if she couldn't get her kids out of nappies by the time the were 2 or 3 at the latest especially during the day. Starting school in nappies was not even considered.
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    Have you ever forgot your not wearing a diaper and wet yourself?

    If I go to bed without a nappy then I will wake to a very wet bed in the morning.
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    I cant feel the urge to pee...

    I have diabetic related neuropathy in my feet and in the area around my bladder which causes my incontinence.
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    Were you spanked as a child

    Many times as a kid and in to my teens.
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    Whats your favorite places to wet in your diaper?

    Just before I fall asleep or just as I wake if I haven't already peed in my sleep
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    when a diaper fails

    One thing as someone who has to wear nappies. Are you taking them out of the pack and allowing them to breath fist. My continence nurse told me to do this at the start and it really helps them absorb more urine.
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    I guess I graduated.

    Same here from pads to nappies inside six months. Now 7 years on I am completely dependant on nappies 24/7
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    Attends flex leaking...

    I am incontinent and wear nappies all the time. I have tried most brands and find at some point most nappies will leak. After wearing for 7 years I have accepted this and always wear plastic pants when out and about and in bed at night to contain any leaks or at least reduce the inevitable wet...
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    Urge incontence

    I have been diagnosed as having mixed incontinence due to diabetic neuropathy. Most of the time I have no sensation of needing to pee but occasionally I get the feeling but have little or no capacity to hold for more than a few seconds.