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    My wet nappy and bed
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    Do you sometimes wish 24/7

    I do wear 24/7 and have done for over 7 years it is only a problem if you make it one. I still lead a full life and wearing nappies and being incontinent has not stopped me doing anything yet.
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    Favorite thing about wearing diapers?

    For me it is the freedom from worrying about wetting my pants or soaking the bed every night. I have diabetic related incontinene problems and very little bladder control during the day and none at all at night while sleeping so wear nappies 24/7. I have grown to enjoy being in nappies and have...
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    Feeling like you need to urinate

    Same here I just gave up the fight and rely on nappies now.
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    Favorite thing about wearing diapers?

    I just couldn't imagine not wearing nappies now.
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    How to get rid of urine stain/smell?

    The chairs I sit in are protected for that reason.
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    Regular & 24/7 wearers: How often do you leak?

    I wet very heavily at night and usually wake with a completely soaked nappy and wet patch on my sheet.
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    Regular & 24/7 wearers: How often do you leak?

    Same here I always wear them to the max at home.
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    Ever change a diaper during a flight

    I just took the pad out of my hold all slipped it under my shirt and headed for the toilet. If anyone noticed so what!
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    Do you hide your DL life from your partner or spouse?

    My wife knows I am DL these days but as she was the one who suggested I wear nappies she can't really omplain.
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    Do you like your diaper dry, wet, or soaked?

    I only change when my nappy is soaking wet
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    Feeling like you need to urinate

    It used to happen to men and no cause was ever proved though I do have neuropathy caused by my diabetes. Now it is the opposite I pee frequently with no feeling of the need to go or that I am wetting my self until I feel the warmth spreading through my nappy.
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    Can incontinence be avoided??

    My continence nurse wanted me to stay away from nappies a slong a spossible as she said what remaining control you have will soon be lost if you wear pads and slips a the time. She was right of course.
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    What type of plastic pants do you use for bedwetting

    I'm using Redi Pants at the moment bought on ebay
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    Convincing the wife

    It was my wife who suggested I wore nappies