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    bringing diapers to the masses: Endgame

    Without a doubt, I'll be wearing!!
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    Wetting my goodnites

    At least if you are on you back.... I'm a side sleeper, not so lucky for me
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    Good waterproof cloth diapers?

    I received my rearz safari aio as couple days ago! I like it a lot. I think I'd prefer a Velcro version and am thinking to order that next. It's a bummer having to wash it, but in the long run, I think it'll work out.
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    Pacifier Drooling

    You were using a paci at 10!? I love my paci. My wife doesn't, she thinks it's kinda gross. I've also found myself drewling. I dont mind it so much.
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    Good waterproof cloth diapers?

    Let me know how it goes. I'm getting ready to order some myself. Had to pick up another pack of depends pull-ups today. This is getting old and losing some of its fun for me now :(
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    Good waterproof cloth diapers?

    I think I'm looking for All in one style. With leg elastic. Are those rearz? I prefer something cute, my wife would prefer something white or solid colored.
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    Pregnant Women and ABDL diapers?

    All clothes are very stretchy, waste on pants go to well over the belly button, shirts hang low, panties do no extend over the belly
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    Good waterproof cloth diapers?

    I have a 45" waste and am looking for some day time cloth diapers. The kids made with pul so I don't need a separate cover. Ideally it would accept an insert for extra absorbency. Problem is, I'm not really sure where to start! Any suggestions or resources would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Pregnant Women and ABDL diapers?

    My wife wore thick pads late term, but that was it... Except at the hospital, but those were just giant pads and nylon-ish underware. Diapers would have been much easier!
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    Any ABDL members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on here?

    Protestant here. Yes, I struggled a LOT! It's been a big and long journey to come to the point of acceptance, both personally and biblically. No sin in wearing. No sin in dressing in any clothes you want. Soon only comes from lust and from allowing things to become like God in your life, or even...
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    Another doctor another opinion

    There good news is, the VA is actually working to improve things. I've spent what totals up to months at the VA hospital with my father. About a year and a half ago, things started changing from, you'll hear back in 2-3 mo, to well call you in a few days. It's a good change! Praying it's good...
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    Dental surgery

    Yes! I have going to the dentist, so I always wear, cause at least I will feel a little piece of comfort
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    Diapered side sleepers 💤

    For leak protection, the crinklz are fantastic. They have a lot of extra annoyance in the front which makes it much better for side sleeping. As far as bulk, I have back problems, so I sleep with a pillow between my knees. Make a huge difference!