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    Anxiety and worsening incontinence

    So I was chatting with another member here about this garbage going on in my life, and I was sharing what I experienced today, and this whole event that took place, kinda just spilled out. I thought I might share the same thing I said here, maybe it'll be an encouragement to someone else... To...
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    first abdl campout

    That sounds great! I'm hunting solo this year, I plan to bring plenty of dips with me! Just my and my suburban it in the middle of the woods!
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    Anxiety and worsening incontinence

    Thanks good to know. My next appointment is Wednesday, they couldn't get me in sooner, I'll talk to her about that as well. Current med "works"... It's an as needed, which is about once a day, but it leaves me physically exhausted, which I kinda feel like is the exact opposite of what I need...
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    let's play a diaper game

    Done, the entire day... Course I work from home, maybe that doesn't count. Lol :)
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    Anxiety and worsening incontinence

    Good, so I'm not alone here. I guess in some twisted way, that brings me a small amount of solace. I've read about the taurine, I think I'll give that a try. What should I be looking for in a counselor? I'm not even sure where to start a conversation. I was trying to explain how I'm feeling...
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    Anxiety and worsening incontinence

    So, two weeks ago, I thought I was having a heart attack, after two separate trips to urgent care, and a ton of tests, it turns out in dealing with severe anxiety. I honestly didn't know this was the case. I'm dealing with high stress in several areas of my life, but anxiety?! Just like the...
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    If you become incontinent suddenly, what was your firsts thoughts when introduced to nappies/diapers?

    I felt with it if and on my while childhood, more than embarrassment was dealing with my frustrated and disappointed father. The doctors basically told my parents there was nothing wrong with me and was most likely being lazy. You can guess how well that went for me. Diapers at that point we a...
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    Side sleeping, cloth diaper woes!

    In hopes to reduce, and hopefully eliminate night time leaks, I've been on a journey experimenting with cloth diapers! Overall it's been a good journey! I've invested easly over $200 so far, some has been worth while, some had been, at least from a "night time" perspective, a waste. The biggest...
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    1st expedition outside

    Welcome to the club!
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    The most embarassing thing someone has said to you with regard to you wearing diapers?

    Oh man!! What are the odds of that!? Lol!
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    Hey, ABU, Tykables, anyone who will listen, basically, I hope this isn't forward of me, but, um. . .

    I second that, many cloth designs are simply scailed up versions of baby products and that just doesn't always cut it! This is especially true for bed wetting! I was actually just about to post about the woes of being a side sleeper. Leaks are a major issue! I've finally got it under control...
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    Washing Training Pants.

    They do look amazing, but I don't think they'd work for side sleeping, much like pocket diapers, no side padding. I sent an email to ask some questions about that.
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    School accidents?

    I had many accidents at school. It was incredibly embarrassing! And was the cause of many elementary fights, due to lie making fun of me. I distinctly remember once trying to lie down one of those hot Black tractor tires once, hoping it would dry the front on my pants before recess got over...
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    Nuk 10 Pacis

    Will you let us know what the actual measurements are? I've been thinking about getting one... I have a rearz paci, which I love, but it's not quite long enough for my liking.
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    Probably seeing things that aren’t there but . . .

    It absolutely looks like she is!