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  • well, the page of the studio is still under construction and the demo reel isn't finished x3, and I don't have a demo reel of my own, since right now I'm still learning how to rig. Mostly, I've done textures and a little bit of modelling. some times I post practice stuff on my deviantart IvanTheLoneWolf on deviantART
    Well, school, in all honestly, I got into a cheap one XD
    So as I said, I've been getting most of my knowledge from my mentor, at work ^ ^
    About the job prospects, there aren't all that many studios here in mexico, but once in a while a big one opens and hires a lot of people. Some persons end up working on other countries. The plan for me, is help the studio as much as I can so it grows and keep gaining experience, 'cause someday I'd love to have my own.
    Sweet! I'm in school, but I got most of my learning from helping a friend as an assistant in his studio x3
    And my preferred 3d software is 3ds Max. I've used maya, cinema 4d and a little of blender, but 3ds won my heart XD
    Hi! woah, you left the message a week or so ago, and I hadn't seen it ^^; I just don't come around here as often as I used to :3

    Well, to answer your question, no, I don't do animated stuff, not yet :3
    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you thought of Joseph Kross. I'm working on another story right now, but progress is slow. I've got a lot of school work weighing me down. Hopefully I'll have something to post in April.
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