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  • I didn't know the movie was shot there. I guess I would'nt know that being an outsider en all.
    Coeur d'Alene is a super nice place too. I like the little shops and the golf!
    If you ever get a chance spend a night or two there and do the dinner cruise. I wouldnt wear on it... but it is pure relaxation!
    Never from there. Just went there many times because my grandparents lived in Montana and we had to go through Spokane to get there. Now I love that city because of Benny & Joon. I have pretty much seen all the locations from the movie.
    I am not. I have visited many times on business and pleasure. I usually frequent the Liberty Lake area (valley).
    How bout yourself?
    Doh, you did answer, I thought you ignored the question twice. Are you from there?
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