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  • ummm hehe I spilled water on my new computer and it leaked in its ok though it didnt fry I dont think it got soaked but some water did get in. my other mom is still her bitchy self but she hasnt brought up my infantilism.

    yeah its nice and warm here in Colorado *hugs a spiderman tightly and eyes light up with happiness seeing goodnites* hehe thanks Spiderman :D
    Sorry for the late answer, but I was at camp. I forgot to post a going away thread, but most of my stories are on my return thread. I got to teach wood carving again. The last time was 4 years ago and it was my first experience wood carving. Now that I'm good it was really cool to teach. I got to explain all the tricks in ways that the scouts could understand which was sweet.

    I'm not sure about the one in Chicago, but I got smashed with a huge storm almost every week. On week 4 we actually had to relocate the scouts into the few buildings that we had on camp in order to keep them safe because the lightning was so close and the wind was at tree breaking levels. As we were going through the camp none of us needed lights. There was lightning every half second and you could see clearly from it. It was SO exciting.

    I didn't get to go to a water park, but we did have a beach and I went for a lot of night swims. That was a tun of fun. Not many fun stories, just swimming in the dark.
    don't call me it >.>

    i gave the car back

    what happened to the news's horny coverage of the chicago shootings?

    i talk in lines!!1!1!1!!! XD
    i'm actually going to Chicago tomorrow. I'm not going to let a news program deter me when all the news is for is to control the masses with fear.
    want to know something really gay? my cousin gave me his old car that has a fucked up starter motor. now he wants it back after i spend MY money to fix it >.>
    My belief system is rather complex, actually, but no... I am not a Christian, and I am certainly not a Catholic. However, I don't see why an all loving God would be mad at someone for wearing wood pulp and gel, much less enjoying it... Maybe if you worshipped them, which could possibly be considered Idolatry, lol.
    well yeah I am a young one hehe dont know what the A-team is really though seen previews for the movie.

    me and my bro get along ok I guess hehe we hardly see each other but we do keep in fair contact but its not like an everyday thing. hehe id love to go to the beach soak up some sun play volleyball sand castles all that fun stuff.

    My other mother hasnt mentioned it much to me or my biological mother she did once say though that she was worried that I was wearing diapers and sucking on paci's over the webcam to satisfy the needs of a pervert...which of course is not true hehe
    *meeps as he reads the 4 visitor messages you sent him*

    well thats cool that you were hanging out and helping your sister move into her house, and cool you watched the A-team....I havent seen it. I do have problems with huge crowds like a concert or my brothers highschool graduating class of 4000 *cringes remembering the compacted hallways filled with seas of people*

    hehe wow sounds like a very busy day yet a fun day. to bad your sisters bf had constipation :p

    sounds like you had a lot of fun though wish I were there to have some fun :D
    Heya Spiderman, I have been gone for a few weeks getting my new computer all situated and havent had time to come check the forums :( anyways,no plans for college yet, and if I did go to college it would be online, I have gone to online high school since I was a sophomore, I had to go to online school due to my anxiety issues.

    working on memorial day?! I thought superheros take days off some of the time, like batman well of course you superman, x-man.

    Yeah I am very proud of myself *huggles you back tightly*
    yay *noms on the hamburger and hugs you tightly* I had an ok memorial day I was mostly busy graduating high school memorial weekend. Had a big graduation party on Saturday and the actual graduation was on Sunday, all in all the party was a big success but driving out in the middle of no where to graduate on Sunday kinda sucked, but its what I get for being online schooled. Then on actual memorial day my moms ordered me a new gaming computer as my graduation present yay! so yeah I had a good memorial weekend/ day. how was your memorial weekend and memorial day?
    thx 4 the fireworks:) ill try not to burn the house down

    well, i kno im goin on a cruise to canada sometime this month, and i kno that summer hockey is gonna keep me pretty busy, and my band is prob gonna continue it's search for a drummer and rythm guitarist

    ik how it feels not 2 have friends, i had no idea how to keep friends in middle school, thank god i got over that
    That story is obviously real, what's wrong with you? She uses the secret bathroom behind the bookcase, duh.

    I don't think that navi and link were romantically involved. He did stair at her while she left at the end, but it was the same look he gave gannondorf the first time they met, so I don't think love was there... unless link loved gannondorf, now wouldn't that be weird.

    I don't have any funny work stories like that, I kind of wish I did. It sounds like that's something that would be really fun to talk with your co- workers with.

    I didn't do anything for memorial day, so it was great. A nice lazy day.

    So I just went back to my doctor about my arm. I have to keep the sling on for two more weeks, but I'm allowed to stretch my shoulder now. I'm very excited for that. Even if I could take my sling off, I can't really move, so two more weeks doesn't really bother me.
    i had a great memorial day! thx for asking! i went to my grandparents house in kentucky and rode horses and drove my cousins 4 wheeler!
    I'll still take the fireworks tho:) lol

    today was the last day of school and im really excited for summer break! as far as my band goes, its going great, i wrote my first song yesterday, and we also came up with another song for our lp.

    so how was ur memorial day? anything fun coming up this summer 4 u%3Pr
    If your going to kill a fairy, please let it be Navi. I've always wanted to shoot her out of the slingshot.

    Well, if I was going to prank call someone I'd pick someone out of state. Less chances of finding me. I'd also try to use a heavy accent and say that the person I was calling was pranking me. Hey, maybe I called you.
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