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    which one would you prefere

    The Snuggies overnights have a few quality control issues related to the tapes not working very well. People seem to really like the ABU Space diaper although they are in hot demand and a bit more expensive than the Snuggies.
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    Snuggies Waddler Overnight Review

    After trying out the all-white version of these, I have to say that while they fit pretty well and work OK as a diaper the tapes definitely need some work. I've found that when worn for an extended period (like to bed) that by morning one of the tapes has either unstuck from either the front...
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    How much bigger are Abena M4's than S4's?

    I think you would basically be swimming in them. Of course, you can try a sample pack although you may have better luck with the small dry 24/7s from XPMedical.
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    New diapering technique to avert flooding issues? (from Japanese video)

    I found the following reddit thread: with these videos: and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with...
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    Snuggies Waddler Overnight Review

    Great review. I presume their unmarked S.Ex. line are pretty much exactly these but without any prints? When you say "If you don't care about ABDL prints, you can do better," what alternatives were you referring to?
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    Where can I find Depend Maximum Protection in the US

    However, if you are ordering online, there are plenty of better options from XP Medical, etc.
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    Abena M4's: am I too big?

    I have found the Abena mediums are a little on the large side compared to other mediums. You might be able to fit in them though I am slightly larger than you and found them to be kinda big. In the future, you may want to also look into trying the small sizes. There are still some plastic-backed...
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    Disposable Medical Express and Eurobriefs?

    Does anyone know if Eurobriefs and samples packs bought through Disposable Medical Express ( come in discrete packaging? I did some research into some past threads. They said that you can get discrete shipping, which usually works, but some people report they then...
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    Opinions needed please on diaper suggestions.

    Yes, but someone who buys and uses size medium should probably also weigh in. As a size small who rarely uses, I do not have the most experience.
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    Opinions needed please on diaper suggestions.

    I would say the european ones can be considered premium on par with abenas and molicares.
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    diaper to the movies

    Make sure you are familiar with the taping for the diaper and getting a good fit. If you decide to use during the movie, you will probably be sitting which is not the ideal scenario for avoiding leaks.
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    FTL: Faster Than Light

    From what I heard, boarding strategies where you get a teleporter and 2+ guys (Mantis, Rockmen, or the ??? race) are very strong since you get the most scrap when you don't actually destroy the enemy ship. Just be careful when using destructive weapons while boarding since you can easily kill...
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    Can't wear as much, what to do?

    For hygienic reasons alone, you probably should be trying to throw away your used diapers as soon as possible. Also, ask yourself if someone in your household is really likely to just randomly rummage through the trash. If you are concerned with someone harassing you as you throw your stuff away...
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    just picked up...didnt go smooth

    The very first time I purchased Depends diapers from the store was a Walmart with a self-checkout. It all went well until right near the end as I was bagging them and I nearly panicked as one of the associates came over to 'help' me bag everything up. I tried to calmly gesture them away that I...
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    An idea for preventing leaks with plastic pants

    Which ones do you use and where do you get them? For that price it seems like it would be worth it as long as it isn't slipping around too much