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  • Oh goodness, I'm certain there's nothing to cry over. AdultPacifier seems like a real enough place, and if they have your money, they should be able to either credit it toward your order or refund it. I really wouldn't worry. If you've reached out to them by email, give it a day or two and then drop them another note. I foresee a good outcome.

    ...but in the unlikely event that you *do* have to call Visa, just look at it this way: The person on the other end is probably sitting in a football-field-wide maze of cubicles, gulping Mountain Dew to stay alert, and letting each caller's problems fall out the opposite ear almost as quickly as they're processed. Worst case, your mention of adult pacifiers brings a wry smile or an inward giggle that you never hear, and you've (maybe) brightened that poor bastard's day just a little--at your own (rather minimal) expense. That is, of course, assuming you get your money back. But I'll still bet it doesn't come to that.

    *reads blog* Oh, I see. Hmm. I'd be inclined to sit tight for another day or two and see if they get back to you. Worst case, you might have to go to the card issuer or to PayPal (or to whoever/whatever you paid with) and file a grievance. And you'd get your money back without much difficulty. But--and who did you order from?--perhaps you're dealing with a small company where one or two people are running the whole show and are perpetually behind. In any case... I'm pretty sure you haven't been ripped off. Try to sleep easy! Diaper up if ya got 'em! :)
    How are you? I hope your having a diapered holiday. For me it's diapered 24/7/365 for 39 years and counting
    So how are you doing? I figured I should not be a stranger and try to start a friendly conversation with you. :smile:
    Hi, I find that I can't find a job. Is it the cp, the fact I need caregivers or something else? Just been frustrating
    I remember once a few years ago I was giving a presentation on disability rights to a roomful of Medicaid service coordinators when I peed and pooped in my diaper. That was so embarrassing
    So nice. Thank you. I see you like role playing. Wanna check out mine? I need another baby girl. If not, I shall be overrun with testosterone.:laugh: it's Rainbow kids Special Littles Ranch, on the roleplay forum. You wouldn't happen to know how I level up enough for a signature, would you?
    Thank you for your friend request, which I accepted. Yes! Like you, I have both Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegic Type) and Asperger's/Autism. Yes! I wear stainless steel/plastic AFO's on my legs, and I use forearm crutches. I do drive, using hand controls. I am in the process of obtaining a replacement vehicle for the handicapped-adapted pickup truck I owned, which I totaled on 12/1/2013 in an accident when I hit black ice and spun off the road. Oh! Ever hear of AUTREAT? It is the Autism Network International yearly meetup/conference of Autistic Self-Advocates. I have been to it 4 times since 2010.
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