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Air-headed. Like surfing, skateboarding, computers, books, games, camping, hiking, soccer and basketball.
Florida, USA
Diaper Lover, Little, Incontinent
Favourite diaper
Rearz Incontrol Inspire
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I've had urge incontinence (ic) all my life and decided I wanted to go back to wearing diapers when I was about five. My parents and doctors thought my ic problems and desire to wear diapers would go away when I got older, but that didn't happen. My ic got a little better in my teens and then much worse through college and later on. I've been to many doctors and have been diagnosed with dysfunctional nerves surrounding my bladder and bowels.

Other than my ic issues, I'm a healthy and active outdoorsy person. Although I act much younger than my age, you would never know I'm diapered if you met me in person. Over the years I've learned to accept myself, be up front about my problems and not let them dominate my life. Few people care what you're wearing under your clothes. Having urge ic, wearing diapers and wanting to occasionally regress is NOT the end of the world. I rejoice in being different.


Urge IC; Severe OAB, IBS-D, Enuresis, Anxiety Disease. My life in diapers: 35% 24/7, 22% every night, 43% occasionally.