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  • I want to tell you so that you don't get worried. However, my grandpa passed away a couple of days ago so I probably will not be on this site for awhile while I try to deal with it. I hope that all is going well with you furry buddy and I hope that you have a lot of fun.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    I can't send PMs yet, sorry.

    I keep my screen names private, maybe if you get to know me better we can trade. If you know how to use IRC, you can just find me on furnet.
    I joined this weird forum with a bunch of people who like diapers in it, they're pretty weird D:

    No actually I moved into my own place, so that's what's new.
    Well did you and your friends get to go to Chicago to make up for that day that got washed out?
    Also, my dad is going to be there and that is a plus because I have not seen him in three years and I can finally give him the present that I have been holding onto since he left my apartment three years ago he he.

    Now as you can see I can also type in lines as well muhhhhaaaaaa.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    Okay I will not call you "it" anymore, I will just call you that really hairy guy

    I am glad you gave that piece of garbage back to your cousin it was definitely not right for him to expect you to fix his mistakes like that.

    Now as far as killings that happened in Chicago on the news I don't really know that much since I don't watch the news all that much. The last I heard was that some teens were killed by some gang members.

    Sorry that I have not responded to you in awhile I have just been busy getting ready to see my grandpa in Springfield who unfortunately had to go to the hospital recently for heart problems that run in my dad's side of the family. Also, unfortunately he is 89 years old and probably doesn't have that much left so to speak.
    Then I will refer to you as "it" from the adam's family with that much hair. Also, I learned from another furry about the term "pawing."

    So how is it going with your cousin's paper weight?
    Well now I can't give the excuse that I don't know what you look like if you accidentally show up at my store he he. I just saw your picture and you would definitely stand out with that long black raven like hair that is extremely long with a purple paci he he. I have my own paci as well. I can't show you a current pic of it (well maybe I can if I use my webcam to take a pic) since my camera has no batteries.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    Yeah I figured it was raining where you were when I woke up in the afternoon and I noticed that the ground was wet my little furry buddy. It also rained pretty hard last night as well. Oh well maybe you will get to go see Chicago some other time.

    For now you just need to concentrate on fixing your cousin's wreck if you can he he.
    LOL, now now that is my little secret my little furry buddy because if I told you what Walgreens I worked at it would be extremely easy for you to find me he he. Besides it would be kind of awkward if you did since I really have no idea what you look like at all so I would just assume you were some kind of nut he he.

    When you go to Chicago tomorrow remember to say hi to the Bean for me as well he he.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    Not only that since I work at Walgreens I encounter a ton of elderly people who complain about what they hear about on the news especially this one person named Joe who comes in and tries to talk to me about it on third shift no matter how many times I have told him that I honestly don't care (and of course in my head I am thinking about how I am depressed enough as it is already I don't need to hear about depressing things that I don't care about he he).

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    Now getting back to how the news controlled people with fear it would drive me nuts how much how much my mother would let the news dictate her decisions in a negative way. That is why I told her that you can continue to watch your news and I will continue to watch my cartoons because nothing is news to me until it effects me directly and none of that news besides the weather is going to effect what I do when I walk out that door and do it directly. For example, a couple of years ago my mom wouldn't take me and my older sister to Lake Michigan to go swimming because of the stupid Indiana sniper that was shooting people. That really pissed me off because I didn't see that as any logical or reasonable explanation for us not going swimming so that we could enjoy ourselves like we did every summer, and even though I am adult now I still think that is moronic, and now you know why I don't watch the news he he.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    LOL, you know what your one hundred percent right I believe the news does the same thing to make people feel bad by reporting all things humanly possible in order to get ratings and then maybe maybe report like five minutes of positive things. I just stated that because of feelings of helping my Illinois brothers and sisters you know (and on a side note I thought it would make me sound like more of an intelligent person then I really am). You enjoy spending time in Chicago because it is a beautiful city with tons of architecture, good food, music, and much much more. I wish I could be there myself to enjoy it.
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