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  • Better luck to us Saturday night, I guess. Being emotionally involved in sports sucks, especially when your team (Cubs) is off to a bad start. At least we have other teams in the playoffs.
    So, the Canucks had a good sweep, eh? Pretty good for a team not expected to make the playoffs. The Bruins, my second favorite team, swept the Habs. Ironically, the Canadiens were expected to be first in the conference, and the Bruins were supposed to be 10th or so.
    9 home games! Wow, that must be great. Unless they play the Thrashers or Bruins, I have no problem with the Canucks, so all the best to them.
    Hi! As for the U2 album, it isn't my favorite, but I do like it. It has some really good tracks, and ones that even though I don't love now, I know I will if I listen to them some more. Right now, my favorites are Moment of Surrender and Breathe, but I also like Cedars of Lebanon, Get On Your Boots, and a few others. Unknown Caller has a great guitar solo (weird lyrics though).

    As for hockey, that's good that the Canucks are on a roll. The Thrashers won their last 6, and 7 of their last 8, which is kind of ironic because they're out of the playoffs and they're hurting their draft lottery chances. However, I love to see wins like the 5-1 win over the Craps last night.
    Ouch. Didn't know about him getting injured again. Hopefully, he'll be back soon enough.

    A few years ago, Naslund and Kovalchuk did a commercial for Nike which featured them chasing after a puck that had left the arena. You can probably find it on YouTube.
    I didn't mean to sound braggy when I said that Atlanta won the other night. The Thrashers are a losing team, and to us it was a huge accomplishment to beat as good of a team as Vancouver. It's sad they lost Luongo, he is a great goaltender. When's he due back?
    There's a small chance my mom might be able to get a digital copy from work tomorrow. If she can, I'll put it up on the weekend. I was 12 this happened, and I still remember how the brief conversation went. I'll come on and elaborate tomorrow, it's past midnight here in Atlanta and I'm tired! :p
    It is a nice amount, I never get tired of them! I haven't heard of the bands you mentioned, but you have good taste in music, so they must be good. Have a fun time!

    Atlanta tickets sold out quickly too, but my dad had a friend, an insider, who was able to get us 2 VIP passes. That's where I talked briefly with Bono and had my picture taken with him. If I ever get a digital scanner, I'll put it on here in the VIP gallery.
    I go to about 10 a year, give or take. My dad gets free Thrashers coupons through work, because he works for CNN. If you do go to watch it on TV, look in the crowd sometimes for a boy with a mask, flag, red jersey, scarf, and gloves (all Thrashers merchandise). That's me.

    It's been a while since I've been to a concert, but if I can get tickets, I do plan to see U2 when they come into town next year.
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