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  • soupy
    oh hi sorry I didn't see this sooner, I havn't been visiting this site as much lately ( been kind of busy). How are you?
    Hi, sorry to take so long to respond but I had to post before I could respond to you. Thank you about the avatar, it was made for me by my friend Kenny on DeviantArt. I like your avatar too :)
    oh its cool ive know people who are WAY worse but you diddnt come off as a dick so dont worry bout it
    Haha hello to you too! I'm guessing you're a furry as well?
    I havent really fallen off i kinda droped tb/dl so havent been on much i will be on skype today
    I see! Well, I always thought that manga could do that, and in fact I have always tried to get people to read it so they could understand me a little more, the stuff I went through and still go through. Sadly, no on really ever actually tries to read it. I'm glad you enjoyed it quite a bit. <3

    I really almost require something to relate to get into a series, sadly. *laughs*
    Hey there, I actually stopped by because I noticed your Shu-chan avatar, she's one of my favorite characters out there because of how it's great there actually is an anime of a transgendered young girl who I can really relate to, some of her experiences resonated so much with me and brought me to many tears. I actually stopped by figuring you were the same, though I noticed you identify yourself as a male, and a "fun guy" in your profile so I guess that might have been an incorrect assumption. Either way though, I just thought I would let you know that I do love your images, and either way I'm sure you are an epic person. If anything, being like me probably would make you less epic, I'm pretty lame!

    Have a great day!
    The manga might be better, I haven't read it. There's usually some kind of difference between the two.
    Not really. I watched the entire show, and as a fan of anime, I do like the original concept of it, but the second half of the series was so terribly poor that it's probably one of the worst animes I've ever watched.

    In all honesty ^_^;
    Hey Soupy, thanks! ^^ yeah I drew it myself, its probably my favourite drawing I've done :)

    Sorry I havent replied until now, I've only just become an Established Contributor so have been until to send vistor messages or PM's.
    No, he did. Its 2 to 2 Blake vs Rod. Be the tiebreaker.
    u have to vote for somone in bold. If I can make a suggestion, I say rod. Look at his first yell at Alex. Seems guilty to me.
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