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    Moderate NET Type problem

    You might have to go in the game's settings to fix it, not the Xbox settings. If that doesn't work try googling it.
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    "Little" question

    Just be yourself. There's all sorts of different ways to be little, don't feel like you have to restrict yourself.
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    Pokémon Huggies

    I thought Pokemon was a Japanese franchise?
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    Who do you want to vote for and why, for the next president of 2020 (United States)

    Communism is where resources and work are distributed evenly, so that no one has more work or less resources than another. Biggest flaw with this is not everyone wants everything to be equal. Socialism is where the government determines how resources and work should be distributed, since it is...
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    Who do you want to vote for and why, for the next president of 2020 (United States)

    I think you've been misinformed. Trump has shown a lot of hatred towards many, many people and is often unclear about his strategy as president. I would double check the source of your information; what you described doesn't match what Trump has said himself.
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    Cannabis Use

    It depends on what it is that's being smoked. Cigarettes are deadly for anyone's health but that doesn't mean everything is. It's important to be well informed on things like this.
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    Bizzare Habbits Involving Diapers

    There is, I think! It's sold online.
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    Trump's decision to abandon the Kurds

    Thank you for getting the discussion back on point. I think abandoning allies is generally never a good idea. If this situation isn't fixed soon some of the Kurdd may very well become terrorists or at least no longer side with the US.
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    I've heard chemical treatments sometimes have to be redone due to missing a spot and the bugs are starting to develop a resistance to some of the chemicals. But a specialist would probably know more that I do about this.
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    @JaysonTheRegressor Obviously tell the landlord about this right away if you haven't yet. The best way to get rid of bedbugs from my experience is: 1. Seal EVERYTHING made of fabric in clean trash bags to stop the bugs from spreading. Also wash all of it and dry on the highest heat setting...
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    Leveraging your diaper knowledge in the real world

    Isn't ABU based in Seattle?
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    I'm new to this, but I think I may have found a community I can really get into

    Some say that ABs (Adult Babies) are kind of like subs in a Dom/sub relationship. Other than that ABDL is generally open in nature. If you like the idea of being a baby again, you might want to consider some AB clothes. You can actually get adult size versions of baby clothes nowadays. Also...
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    Beware of Reddit app

    All of the things you mentioned are avoidable. Most people won't go as far as to use store cards for tax evasion (or for that matter tax evasion in general) but unless there's a very good reason, most of the time it's impractical to track someone who really doesn't want to be tracked.
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    Thoughts on FetLife?

    Fetlife is great for exploring as it's open to a huge variety of kinks (73 last time I counted) and a bunch of different gender & sexual orentations. Unfortunately several years ago some credit card companies ganged up on Fetlife and tried to put it out of business since Fetlife was starting...
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    Beware of Reddit app

    What makes you think that? There are lots of ways around data mining (which I won't list here for obvious reasons.)