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    Getting my Diaper Changed

    Great advice Sir! That's exactly what it is for me and you put it into words perfectly.
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    Getting my Diaper Changed

    Thanks! This is really helpful. I am really glad to have found this site. Glad to know there are others!
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    Getting my Diaper Changed

    I really love the feeling of wearing a diaper and using it at times. I want to explore further and I have asked my husband in a playing way if he would chane my diaper. He kind of laughed it off. I'm not sure if he is put off by the idea or just uncomfortable. I really would like him to, I'm...
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    New and looking for advice!

    Hi there. I am a 52 year old woman looking for other women my age who need to and/or enjoy wearing diapers. I do need to wear them at night as I do wet the bed at times. I have been using disposables for that but it doesn't happen a lot (but I confess I like when it does) so I would like to...