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    School for adults would you attend?

    I'm not the type to get involved into too much I really didn't care about being smart at all in school but I missed it for the friends whom I actually trust. I would just ignore people if they say I'm dumb it was just a label to me any way. I was kinda the hard headed type or maybe used to be...
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    School for adults would you attend?

    Let's say you wanted a chance to make up for your grades and you had enough time to attend the school since some people like and don't like it. Now there are some of course rules but no strict rules because we're adults we obey the laws of our country the only thing we had to do was pack or pay...
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    Hello World!

    Alright so how's life going with all you DF,AB,etc I'm pretty much new to this site and don't know how active it is which is what I want. Now I don't know about registration but I had an old old account before hand and never really used it and don't remember it and don't feel like being pushed...